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  1. The Mawile Ace

    SM OU Emperor's New Clothes (1650+)

    Mace here again with a new team I made with one of the more cooler megas to be released lately. I really wanted to make a mega T-tar when I saw that it lived an earthquake from a lando-t. But nevertheless lets get on with it. Brendon Urie (Tyranitar-Mega) (M) @ Tyranitarite Ability: Sand...
  2. The Mawile Ace

    SM OU I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance (Peaked at 1853)

    Hey guys, Mace here again. After months of being on and off with S/M, I've finally made an alright fun team for the metagame and went pretty far with it. And since I had fun making a thread back at the end of ORAS, I decided to share with you guys. So let's get started.
  3. The Mawile Ace

    ORAS OU Mace HO (Peaked 1997)

    Hi guys I'm The Mawile Ace, Mace for short, and with Oras ending within a week I thought it would be time to show my favorite team to use. I've peaked at 1997 with this team and here's the proof. Scizor @ Scizorite Ability: Technician EVs: 252 Atk / 56 Def / 200...