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  1. Rosa

    1v1 PL IV Replays & Usage Stats

    all art by AmirAlexander 1v1 Premier League IV Replays & Usage Stats
  2. Rosa

    Announcement Melmetal, Marshadow, and Kyurem-Black have been banned from Gen 8 1v1

    Following the release of Pokemon Home and it's implementation on Pokemon Showdown, Melmetal has quickly risen to the forefront of the metagame. Its viability is primarily carried by its incredible high base stat total in combination with Double Iron Bash, which acts as effectively a 144 BP...
  3. Rosa

    Rules 1v1 Forum Rules, Council Info, and Announcements

    format ripped and edited from this thread Welcome to the 1v1 Forum! This forum is to discuss the competitive aspects of 8th Generation 1v1. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the forum rules and guidelines discussed below. Link to 1v1 Discord Server Forum Rules Before posting...
  4. Rosa

    Approved Make disconnections into tab notifications

    As someone with particularly below average internet strength, I often find myself being disconnected while looking at other tabs with no notification alerting me as such. Desktop notifications are a smidgen too invasive for my liking, so enabling those is out of the question. If disconnections...
  5. Rosa

    Project Player Interview #3: Robyn

    [art pending] Robyn Favorite Pokemon: Fletchling :fletchling: Most used Pokemon: Magearna :magearna: Most known for: Winning the recent 1v1 Classic and participating in multiple other 1v1 tournaments. Now, to start things off; tell me about yourself! What are some things that people should...
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    In Progress Accessing roomlogs in subrooms

    For some reason, subroom roomlogs are unable to be accessed by staff from the main room unless they are also directly promoted in said subroom. This in particular is a pain to deal with for room owners, as it requires global staff in order to promote them in the subroom. two solutions to this...
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    Pending Persistent statuses

    /status is a cool command, but realistically it's just not used anymore on account of always resetting on a daily basis. If it didn't need to be re-set like trainer avatars, that'd be cool.
  8. Rosa

    Project Player Interview #2: Nalei (MaceMaster)

    [art pending] Nalei Favorite Pokemon: Rampardos Most used Pokemon: Gyarados :gyarados: Most known for: Being a competent 1v1 player who succeeds with the use of typically unorthodox Pokemon As a preface to all this, tell me about yourself; what are some things that the people reading this...
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    Resource 1v1 Sword and Shield Viability Rankings

    [art pending] Even though it is only a month into the new generation, the VR team has worked hard to get a feeling for what some of the most viable Pokemon in the metagame are looking like! That said, it'll still take a while for everyone to get adjusted to the finer intricacies of each and...
  10. Rosa

    Pending Make a /showset command for battle rooms

    Basically, /showset would be a player only command that shows an importable of whatever set it is that you're using. /showset 1 for example would show whatever the set is for the pokemon in your first slot. /showteam could display the entire team (if possible). For one, it'd help in settling...
  11. Rosa

    1v1 Meloetta [QC 3/3] [GP 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Meloetta acts as an incredible balance breaker, being capable of breaking through a wide variety of the metagame's best offensively and defensively built threats. With its considerable bulk and power, Meloetta can take out several offensive threats like Mega Charizard, Greninja...
  12. Rosa

    Pending Security disclaimer for new PS accounts

    I think it'd be a good idea to have a disclaimer pop up for every time someone uses the /nick command to change their name to an unregistered account, warning them of the security risks tied with leaving that account unregistered after associating your IP address with it. While it would...
  13. Rosa

    1v1 Registeel

    [OVERVIEW] Registeel's viability stems from its immense bulk coupled with its excellent defensive typing, providing it with the defensive capacity to withstand attacks from many of the top-tier threats of the 1v1 metagame between Pokemon like non-Choice Band Dragonite, Choice Specs Greninja...
  14. Rosa

    1v1 Manaphy

    [OVERVIEW] Manaphy's niche in 1v1 comes from its wide variety of utility options and EV spreads that make it a very flexible partner. As a Water-type Pokemon, Manaphy finds itself in an advantageous position against many of the common Fire-, Steel-, and Ground-types that occupy 1v1 such as Mega...
  15. Rosa

    Pending Add a 1v1 mod for room tours

    Sorry for the double post, but, branching off of my prior suggestion (that was deleted in the time of me making this post because the suggestion already existed), I'd also like for there to be a 1v1 mod for room tours that can be added via the /tour rules command. I felt this necessary to...
  16. Rosa

    Pending Streamline direct challenges

    Having to find a user in a room or type "/user X" into a chat or the Find a User button in order to challenge them is a bit annoying, especially when you already have a message box with them pulled up. It's at least made a bit more convenient if they message you, since you can just click on...
  17. Rosa

    Pending Allow non-html polls to have basic formatting

    What I mean by this is allowing room polls to be formatted in the same way any user can format their messages on showdown; **text** for bold, __text__ for italic, ~~text~~ for strikethrough, etc. Most importantly would be [[text<link>]] for hyperlinks. I can't necessarily speak for other rooms...
  18. Rosa

    Tournament World Cup of 1v1 - Finals [Won by Central Europe]

    Reused banner by LifeisDANK The World Cup of 1v1 III - Finals Hosted by: Osra >>Spreadsheet<< Reminders: Substitution: This year we have four subs per roster, and Captains may use them as they see fit. Keep in mind once a player is subbed out, they cannot be subbed back into the same round...
  19. Rosa

    Approved /news command

    Add a /news command that pulls up the news box so that we don't have to refresh every time in order to see it. Additionally, perhaps have it link to older news as well, since all of it is stored somewhere, if I'm not mistaken.
  20. Rosa

    Approved Displaying uninvested Speed in battle tooltips

    In battles, include uninvested (0 EVs, 31 IVs, Neutral Nature) Speed to a Pokemon's tooltip, rather than only showing minimum and maximum Speed values. No particular reason other than the convenience of not having to do /statcalc mon spe 0evs every time and that spreads with this Speed are far...