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  1. Ghost2Hunt

    Project Ubers Teambuilding Workshop

    First off I'd really like to thank you for putting in the time to make the team. I'll play around quite a bit with it to see how it peforms! really looking forward to it! thanks a lot for making this!
  2. Ghost2Hunt

    Project Ubers Teambuilding Workshop

    Sweet, massive thanks! :D Looking forward to it!
  3. Ghost2Hunt

    Project Ubers Teambuilding Workshop

    Any update on the mega-venusaur team? Hate asking for updates but thought I could check since it's been roughly 2 weeks.
  4. Ghost2Hunt

    Project Ubers Teambuilding Workshop

    Supposedly cool as well, Would love to see a team around it if that is possible. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ghost2Hunt

    Project Ubers Teambuilding Workshop

    Would love to see a team with Amoongus being on here. Generaly think it's a cool mon which can be niche to use in Ubers. Definetly not amazing but if anyone could make a solid team with it that'd be amazing.
  6. Ghost2Hunt

    Apprentice Program Signups: SUMO Ubers

    Assigned to: Mysterious M Username: Ghost2Hunt PO/PS! Username: ghost2hunt / a random prodigy Your timezone: GMT+2 / UCT Usual Hours of Availability: 7pm-midnight Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): Battled competitively in the ubers tier since...
  7. Ghost2Hunt

    Apprentice Program Signups: SUMO Battle Spot Singles (VGC DISCONTINUED)

    assigned to LegoFigure11 Username: Ghost2Hunt PS! Username: Ghost2Hunt, Ghost2Huntx, IAmJustBad, ... What format do you want to learn: Battle Spot Singles Your timezone: GMT+1 Usual Hours of Availability: 7PM to 1AM my time during the week and 11AM to 1AM during the weekends. Tell us a little...
  8. Ghost2Hunt

    Apprentice Program: Round 104

    Username: Ghost2Hunt PO/PS! Username: Ghost2Hunt Your timezone and usual hours of availability: between 4pm CET-10pm CET+1during the week and 10am-11:30pm CET+1 during the weekends What tier do you want to learn?: ORAS Ubers Tell us a little about yourself: 17year old economics student, I am a...
  9. Ghost2Hunt

    Been forever o:

    Been forever o:
  10. Ghost2Hunt

    XY Ubers Tournament : Round 1

    Lost 2-0, gg. Game 1= Lost to Ghostceus Game 2= Close, bolt strike crit.
  11. Ghost2Hunt

    XY Ubers Tournament : Round 1

  12. Ghost2Hunt

    When can you play for the XY tournament? I am gmt+2.

    When can you play for the XY tournament? I am gmt+2.
  13. Ghost2Hunt

    XY Ubers Tournament [Sign Ups]

    can you add me to the subs?
  14. Ghost2Hunt

    ORAS Ubers The Hideout- Peak #56

    First of all thanks Lord Outrage for the rate, and yes it is the team i showed you on PS. I will now do some testing with the suggestions you gave me and see how they work. I will write a further reply to this and maybe add some changes to the thread once i tested it out. Thanks!
  15. Ghost2Hunt

    ORAS Ubers The Hideout- Peak #56

    Peak: Hey everyone, Ghost2Hunt here and i would like to present you the team i have been using on the ladder lately. My peak was 1607 and giving me #56 on the ladder at that time. I am fully aware that this team isn't amazing and has quite a lot of flaws. (Ho-Oh and MMY are huge problems to the...
  16. Ghost2Hunt

    Fren :] Was nice seeing u again.

    Fren :] Was nice seeing u again.
  17. Ghost2Hunt

    ORAS Ubers #Fairyceus XY tweak.

    Hey, this is my ubers team. its basicly my XY Team but wth tweaks for ORAS. I peaked #38 with it on PS Under the alt Ghost2Hunt And as final note id like to mention that my english is kind of bad but it should still be okay. Groudon @ Red Orb Trait: Drought EVs: 252 HP / 80 Atk / 176 SpDef...
  18. Ghost2Hunt

    XY Ubers The End of an Era.

    Hey lemonade. First of all thanks for the rate, I will definitely try some things out. Also, maybe i owe a little explanation as to why the team is so bad. First of all i initially made the team for fun and as critique on the ladder. I do realise alot of things...