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  1. Kirbyofthestars

    Metagame Sketchmons

    Xurkitree and Pelipper are best buds in OU already, so I figured (also because I'm evil!), why not bring them to Sketchmons? Pelipper @ Damp Rock Ability: Drizzle EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpA Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hurricane - Scald - Roost - Memento Xurkitree @ Leftovers...
  2. Kirbyofthestars

    Pokémon Xurkitree

    I'm really a fan of Xurkitree; right now, I'm using it on a team with Drizzle Pelipper and Sticky Web support, and both really go a long way at helping Xuriktree do what it does best (i.e. be a complete nuke to everything that gets in its path) without compromising its coverage, item slot, or...
  3. Kirbyofthestars

     Smeargle Card Project

    If there were a consistent art style for the project, I would fully agree, but as the project currently stands, many cards have numbers/suits that match their art style (e.g. the Honchkrow, Altaria, Garchomp, or Kingdra cards). However, I do think that it would be a good idea to offer a...
  4. Kirbyofthestars

     Smeargle Card Project

    Cofagrigus redone. I tried using a border like Shuckle, but it didn't look good, so I ended up having to redo the whole thing again (fortunately, I saved the different parts individually, something I've gotten into the habit of doing, so it didn't take much longer).
  5. Kirbyofthestars

     Smeargle Card Project

    Finished Shuckle. I'm really satisfied with the way this came out; if possible (i.e. if I finish it quickly enough), I'll redo Cofagrigus in a similar style because I feel the background could use some improvement.
  6. Kirbyofthestars

     Smeargle Card Project

    If it's open, I'll do 3 of Hearts as Shuckle. I'll scrap my original plans (it took too long and didn't look very good) for something a little more minimalist like the 9 of Hearts above (difficult for me to mess up on that ;P).
  7. Kirbyofthestars

    Sticky XY Sprite Project (read 1st post): Release v1.1 on Post #3240

    Now, I'm no spriter, but after looking at that picture of Quilladin for an agonizingly long time, I noticed something about it: the eyes seem to be the wrong shape (in the battle picture, they're a bit more like a thinner oval than in the sprite). I may have completely messed up the inside of...
  8. Kirbyofthestars

    Pokémon Klefki

    Klefki can really help to cripple the opponent's team (unless they're all ground and electric-types); speaking of Rotom, I don't see why you'd immediately send out Klefki until Rotom/any other Klefki counters are KO'd (and even then, depending on which set you're using, as Punchshroom said...
  9. Kirbyofthestars

    Consecutive Fishing!

    Caught another Shiny Magikarp... I didn't count exactly how long the chain was, but I know that it was greater than 20, but most likely not greater than 50, which supports the theory of shorter chains being more fruitful. Now, at last, I shall experiment with the Good and Super Rods at Parfum...
  10. Kirbyofthestars

    Consecutive Fishing!

    Yes; Old Rod. I noticed that, using the Super Rod in the same location, my chains were broken several times by "no bites" (despite the fact that I had a Suction Cups Inkay in the front of my party), but the Old Rod got a bite every time. So, if the type of rod even matters, oddly enough, you'd...
  11. Kirbyofthestars

    Consecutive Fishing!

    I was determined to catch a Shiny Magikarp at Parfum Palace. So I did. ...its characteristic is "Highly Persistent." It's a sign.
  12. Kirbyofthestars

    Consecutive Fishing!

    I know that feel (my best chain is somewhere above 150, I think)... I'll try fishing in a different spot and seeing if it helps. Switching rods apparently didn't do anything...
  13. Kirbyofthestars

    Consecutive Fishing!

    Topic: Consecutive Fishing is easy and guarantees shiny Fishmons fast!* Me: 100+ chain later... nothing... The next time I'm determined enough to try consecutive fishing again (probably some time in the morning, knowing me), I'll try switching between rods and see if that helps...
  14. Kirbyofthestars

    Consecutive Fishing!

    69 times on Route 8 with a Super Rod and not a single shiny! And here, I was so proud of myself getting above 10...
  15. Kirbyofthestars

    Pokémon Zygarde

    I saw this on one of the earlier pages, I think... it was an idea about Weakness Policy Zygarde, and I must say, it works rather well; it's not even funny how many people try to hit it with a super-effective move (especially people with Azumarill), even after it's already used 1 or more Coils...
  16. Kirbyofthestars

    Do you still need a Zygarde? I'd be willing to lend you it for a while, since mine is just...

    Do you still need a Zygarde? I'd be willing to lend you it for a while, since mine is just sitting in my box right now.
  17. Kirbyofthestars

    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    I must say, after battling in the Battle Maison for some time, Mega Aerodactyl and Assault Vest Tyranitar work rather well together in Doubles (the only major threat to them being Fighting-types; since I've been using my Aerodactyl from the main game, it has Fly, which leaves Tyranitar at risk...
  18. Kirbyofthestars

    Favorite Attack Animation

    In game, I was nearly OHKO'd once by Brave Bird (accidentally picked Water Shuriken instead of Surf), but I was so amazed at the animation. I agree that this and Earthquake are some of my favorites. Also, I'm not sure if this counts, but Greninja's pose when it uses a special attack (like Surf...