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  1. Bowl Cut

    LOOOOOL i remember this

    LOOOOOL i remember this
  2. Bowl Cut

    vs wilerfatty

    vs wilerfatty
  3. Bowl Cut

    is this lil mackie

    is this lil mackie
  4. Bowl Cut

    yo i didnt know u can have a conversation with ur buddies on smogon like this now

    yo i didnt know u can have a conversation with ur buddies on smogon like this now
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  6. Bowl Cut

    Apprentice Program: Round Fifty Three

    Username: Bowl Cut Age: 14 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: Bowl Cut, Fossul, Vigil Your timezone and usual hours of availability: Currently GMT+0 'till the 25th, GMT+8 after 25th, 12 PM - whenever I feel like falling asleep most of the time (for both timezones, may alter if I decide to go out...
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    Dat SandStorm

  8. Bowl Cut

    Cripple and overpower, OU rmt

    Zebstrika really isn't doing anything in the higher tiers. You're better off replacing it entirely, especially since there are better electric types in the current metagame that would do the job just fine and if not a lot better. Rotom-W is the best choice here since it does the same thing...
  9. Bowl Cut

    Umbrella Anyone?

    Your team doesn't appreciate facing the likes of Double Dancing Terrakion; it can get one boost in one of its offensive stats (most likely Rock Polish) and break your team. I strongly recommend Gliscor over Cloyster, as Cloyster really isn't doing anything special in OU, now that Rotom-W...
  10. Bowl Cut

    The Serenade (Needs improvement)

    You might want to give Magnezone Charge Beam over Hidden Power Fire or Flash Cannon, preferably the former as you still beat Ferrothorn after enough boosts and hopefully with a Substitute so you can beat anything else your opponent decides to send out, as long as you don't switch it in on a...
  11. Bowl Cut

    5th gen OU - Hail Team. (advice needed)

    Hey Jai, I like the use of things like Scarfed Mamoswine in this team. It seems like a cool thing to try out sometime. You do however have troubles with things like Excadrill, even with Gengar who boasts good immunities. This is an easy fix however; simply just use a Gliscor over Gengar. Now of...
  12. Bowl Cut

    Sand in Yo Shorts

    Nice team you have here. You might have some troubles with certain Pokemon though, specifically Excadrill. Now you may be thinking that Rotom-W can just take it on, but most of the time good players will make you switch in and out with Rotom-W, taking both sand and Stealth Rock damage. At around...
  13. Bowl Cut

    Walk With Me In Hell

    I really didn't care about this RMT anymore seeing as many people didn't rate it for a while so I didn't update it, but Ho-oh is now taking Heatran's place just to take on Reshiram better as well as other threats. I already explained that Toxic is for catching Giratina-O on the switch in. It...
  14. Bowl Cut

    I like this team come rate it.

    You might want to tweek around with that Tyranitar set. You have a Chople Berry, yes, but you can't reliably outspeed other Tyranitar. I understand you like to surprise opposing Gliscor, but to use Chople Tyranitar to its full effectiveness you need to run a Careful nature and 12 Speed EVs to...
  15. Bowl Cut

    Oh My Mirror ! Round 2 - It's gonna be Legen... wait for it... Dary !

    activity post: able to play unless internet decides to become shittier
  16. Bowl Cut

    Oh My Mirror ! Round 2 - It's gonna be Legen... wait for it... Dary !

    activity post: to whoever my opponent is, i won't be around until tuesday GMT+0 probably due to a long plane flight
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    First Team in a long while.

    From what I understand, your main check to Conkeldurr is Archeops, which isn't bulky at all to begin with, and won't be doing as much damage as it should after its health has been cut in half. Your team also has troubles with some Terrakion, most notably the RP+SD variants, which are awfully...
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    Walk With Me In Hell

    Oh no lol, I just messed up while writing the RMT down. It's fixed now.
  19. Bowl Cut

    Walk With Me In Hell

    Really nice rate, Rai, I'll try them out even though I dislike the major SR weakness Ho-oh has, although I do have spin and it can get a free roost on almost every special attacker in Ubers, especially in the sun. Gira-O can be replaced by a SubCM Gira-O because I can still revenge Mewtwo with...