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  1. Ninja Charizard

    ORAS OU Alternia (Zard X Hyper Offense)

    Hello. This is the RMT of my first serious attempt at a successful team in ORAS OU. I took a break from pokemon sometime in the middle of XY, and now I'm trying to get to the high ladder again. This team recently broke the 1600s and got to the top 200 in the ladder, but I want to get higher, so...
  2. Ninja Charizard

    XY OU Blackbeard Pirates - Hyper Offense

    This team has an interesting story. It was meant to be used in the last OU Mini-Tour, which had two rules: Knock Off and mega evolutions banned. So it was built with that ruleset in mind. It had a decent sucess in the tournament, getting me to round 3 (and winning both battles I had to play in...
  3. Ninja Charizard

    Rate my Team - Sinister Six

    Yep, the name is based on that Spider Man group of villains. Well, here is my second RMT. The first one was utterly and completely ignored, but I'm hoping this time someone will rate my team (please :| ). Anyway: Boa Hancock @ Gardevoirite Ability: Trace EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd...
  4. Ninja Charizard

    Rate my Team - Mugiwaras

    I have been using this team for over a week. It recently got me to the 1600 ELO for the first time, so it's probably my best team until now. So I decided to post it to get suggestions on how it might me improved and any flaws I may not have noticed. Mugiwaras (named after One Piece characters...