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  1. pi3rate

    ORAS OU REAL - Peaked 2700 Coil

    I WANT TO WIN. A brief preview about the team, has a lot of blue and cheesy shit but ya know it works.This team help me get reqs and was alot of fun to use,,,, $ bulky mons and a good typings is what keeps it chill I'm tired af but here we go. gliscor weak to ice BOOM scizor is their to...
  2. pi3rate

    i got reqs for no reason

    i got reqs for no reason
  3. pi3rate

    Other ORAS OU Sample Team Thread

    Heracross+Manaphy~ Trying to bring this back so heres a team Ive using recently on PO and it has brought me success being a very offensive team featuring two very underrated wallbreakers at the moment. Cross+Manaphy perform as a very destructive core but one reason why I chose heracross was its...
  4. pi3rate

    Resource ORAS Good Cores (Check Post #714)

    Offensive Core With Venu weak to heatran and mons like chansey, Conkeldurr is a perfect mon to pivot into stuff like twave spam and beat venusaurs weaknesses. That being said Latios and Birdspam destroys these two mons reasoning me to use Scarf tyranitar which pursuit traps lati for these two...
  5. pi3rate

    ORAS OU An uncommon, yet viable, OU Team (Peaked 1450 and climbing!)

    cool something different from the usual but their are alot things that your team does need to patch up on. You have a wobbufet but after it traps and kills a mon but after that wtf do you do. Me saying this means that you need a set up sweeper talonflame over ditto is sorta same seeing as bird...
  6. pi3rate

    ORAS OU Gardevoir-Mega + Knock-Off Thundurus

    cool team but first off this team needs a patch. You have a heatran for fire stab and ground coverage with toxic to me it seems like your wasting its potential as it gets roar to beat set up sweepers and also taunt and stealth rocks. Landorus could be change into landorus-I to wallbreak for...
  7. pi3rate

    XY OU Beauty and the Beast

    cool team but just 1 thing is that superpower on scizor is needed and it gets a free set up vs scarf hydra and scizor and sweeping your team especially because you have to risk fire blast hitting with hydra. this is a short rate for now ill give more later.
  8. pi3rate

    ORAS OU "If you run, you won't see me stab you" - OU Aggro M-Lopunny Team

    scarf is needed on cailou to beat mega scep and revenge kill mega gyarados since your team does lose to it once lopp is weakened and also I would take off iron head seeing as you have bisharp and gengar for fairies and also instead of head you can run dragon claw or outrage to wallbreak for...
  9. pi3rate

    ORAS OU Passing (Nasty) Plots - Mega Altaria Offense

    nice kuroko but slam dunk is better first off this team is bisharp is a threat to this team as stated before. Seeing as you have altaria I feel that keldeo over azu will help you beat bisharp and also a nice mon to abuse baton pass. Keldeo @ Choice Specs Ability: Justified EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD...
  10. pi3rate

    ORAS OU Mega Burrito's Cholo Squad! [Peak 2700+ COIL]

    sick ass squad bunch fat shit everywhere with support is nice vs stall. I cannot fathom how sick this squad looks! good job bro nice to see something nice once in awhile. The only weakness I see is mega sceptile which you might wanna make kyurem scarf to beat it or like a fairy would be nice gl...
  11. pi3rate

    fixed gallades evs

    fixed gallades evs
  12. pi3rate

    Resource ORAS Good Cores (Check Post #714)

    Balanced Core Ive been having fun with core alot specially because with toxic spikes and a mon like jirachi, sableye has an easy time setting up on weakened mons after toxic spikes. As that being said with Toxic spikes being up jirachi can break the mons that counter sableye and just has a fun...
  13. pi3rate

    ORAS OU 1st RMT Mega Scizor Offense (Peaked 1650+)

    cool team not too many problems with it as it checks the meta pretty well. Some moveset changes are the evs on scizor make it have the standard set that smogon suggest also i think u-turn over bug bite is better especially going against stuff like heatran and incoming rotom but overall cool...
  14. pi3rate

    ORAS OU Double Offense: Mega Sceptile&Azumarill - Samidare team

    yo i really like the sceptile+jirachi core really stallbreaks and handles their weaknesses really well excluding fire coverage but overall its still a soli core. One weakness I can see with your team sd bisharp and freeze dry mamoswine. Gengar serves as a nice fairy check but I can see that you...
  15. pi3rate

    ORAS OU MegAltaria Team

    life orb on lati and its hyper offense if azu bd lati can live an aq
  16. pi3rate

    ORAS OU MegAltaria Team

    cool team bud. First off i wanna say that this team has nothing for unaware clefable and that your team also gets pressured by specs keldeo and potentially get swept by sub+cm once altari is weakend ofc.Im not going to try to change to much but first off I would take out tyranitar for bisharp...
  17. pi3rate

    elfen lied :]

    elfen lied :]
  18. pi3rate

    ORAS OU Volt-Turnish Team w/ Mega-Heracross

    cool team not too much wrong with it but you can change your starmie to a latias as it helps you by switching into zard y and mega venusaur which starmie cannot do. Latias (F) @ Life Orb Ability: Levitate EVs: 76 HP / 180 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Draco Meteor - Psyshock - Defog...
  19. pi3rate

    ORAS OU Forza! Italian HO (1500+)

    awesome team but i think you should run 84 speed on azu instead of 16 as it gelps it out speed clefable to prevent you from losing from it since your team does have a chance to lose to it and you domt want to risk that.