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  1. Chadtherest00

    XY OU TrickRoom Drizzle

    Alright so I've been testing various race dance teams. With some pretty good OU's but I think I found something usual that works in the current meta. It's called trick room drizzle or shower room. This kinda build is great. Most of the meta that's being currently played has a way to plus in...
  2. Chadtherest00

    Über building skills

    Ive been wanting to improve my uber building skills. I've had some success in the format but not really the success I want. I noticed at the higher ratings there's more well build teams that can syngerize with each other. I'm looking to improve these skills. So with that said what's it take to...
  3. Chadtherest00

    Top Ten Pokemon From The UU Format

    I was wondering what would you guys say are the best Pokemon from the UU format. Typically I play the ou ladder but I recently got around to playing the UU ladder. At first I tried it out I got my butt kicked hard I didn't know what was meta I chose all these weak Pokemon. I couldn't get out of...
  4. Chadtherest00

    XY OU MMG (the lux team)

    Here's my mmg team. Mmg stands for mamoswine, metagross, garchomp. It's a very solid team I've already ran a few practices with it and I've won locals with this team before. So let's get on with the team list. O I don't like to give my ev spread out. I know the rules say I have to. But if u guys...
  5. Chadtherest00

    The Rest

    Hey guys this is the team I'm correctly using. I had heard somewhere that zyragade is not banned so I etched that n a mew in my team, well here it is. Smeargle Item: focus sash Stealth rock Sticky web Spore Rapid spin Smeargle is a very good trapper. I've sashed it so in case I get OHKO I can...
  6. Chadtherest00

    My First Gen 6 Team

    aegislash Item:leftovers scared sword shadow sneak kings shield swords dance zegarde Item:lum berry out rage earthquake extreme speed dragon dancec delphox Item:leftovers fireblast psychic hidden power ice Calm mind malamar Item:leftover foul play superpower trick room taught talonflame...
  7. Chadtherest00

    Just a quick question

    I've been Playing completive for about two years now And I'm kinda new to the ru format. So I was wondering what are some of the big threats in this format?