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  1. Laroxyl

    SS LC The army of Shellos (30-0 in vulpix-a suspect) (built with GOAT madoka)

    Hi everyone, today I wanted to share with you all a team that led me and other people to great success during A-Vulpix suspect test. The team revolves around Cutiefly, who got Roost after Home, essentially making it banworthy, in combination with Shellos, who is a pretty underrated bulky Water...
  2. Laroxyl

    SS LC Topped again with different teams (1597- 86gxe)

    Hi guys I topped again ladder but this time with different teams. This time I will not do large description of each mons cuz there are a lot of teams. First team: I wanted to build mud + farfe, it seems nice, defog farfe + counter mud, after I put oddish...
  3. Laroxyl

    SS LC Solid team (29-1 85.7 GXE in suspect ladder drifloon)

    Hey guys, Im so happy to show you all my team that I used to take reqs (by smart phone LOL im crazy ye), as you can see in the drifloon suspect thread I got it with 29-1 (lost by hax sigh) with 85,7 gxe. So firstly I wanted to build something good who benefited in the ladder. I thought about...
  4. Laroxyl

    SM LC Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno Peaked 1 ladder at (1674)

    Greetings everyone. Today I will present you a Goat team built by me and by the Goat ram which let me successfully topped the ladder (after numerous breakdowns caused by hax but whatever). The team is a peculiar sticky webs team featuring waterium z dewpider because yes, it is a nuke and i'm...