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  1. Exarius

    Mafia game design "Best Practices"

    Actually, this very concept was used in Metal Gear Solid Tactical Game. The smallest faction (Innocents) had a pool of 4 abilities that they could pick and choose from, and the 3 players could use any of them. However, a power could only be used once per night. The faction was actually quite...
  2. Exarius

    Killing Floor!

    What else... Most of the times me, pluff and a few others from warau fucked around on easy. Grenades everywhere, bombs on ground and then Patriarch pops up when we are in the middle of them, etc... Loads of good times were had back then.
  3. Exarius

    Metalheads Thread III

    Found out about Wolfheart - Winterborn a couple of weeks back, a very nice melodeath album. In the same vein, found Shade Empire - Omega Arcane a couple months back, enjoyed that one immensely as well, either one being my current AotY. Anybody can recommend music similar to these two...
  4. Exarius

    Fun Sporcle game - Pokemon or Drugs?

    38/40, only mistakes was because I thought it included 5th gen pokes too. Apparently only up to 3rd gen is there.
  5. Exarius

    Webcomics with captivating storylines?

    This is incredible.
  6. Exarius

    Cave of Wonders XXIX - Fatwacrashers

    Favourite song? Why? Ever drawn inspiration to your pictures through music?
  7. Exarius

    General Arabian Discussion

    Been playing Killing Floor with some other folks (dak, pluff, dan, etc) lately. It's pretty fun, basically it is a co-op horror survival game, up to 6 players kill off waves of zombies, restock on guns, ammo and armor, repeat. After last wave, a boss comes that is hard to kill. Basic idea is...
  8. Exarius

    Steam Summer sale

    Couldn't buy a shit because I can't use my card currently, woo-hoo. Got Alien Breed 2 and KF char pack through the ticket system though. Need 1 more ticket for the TF2 item, but 1) I am too lazy to get it, and 2) I don't play TF2 that much. So, go me?
  9. Exarius

    Steam Summer sale

    Goddamn right. One of the funnier games I've played on Steam, even with pubs. If the group works well together (or has someone leading them), nothing beats it in enjoyability. Maybe I should bump the KF thread now, so we could get a game or 2 together?
  10. Exarius

    Steam Summer sale

    If you have played Diablo 2 and liked it, Torchlight feels like you've returned home. Not as addicting IMO but a very good timewaster. Also, the town music sounds almost like Tristram music! In other news, I am raging on this right now. I don't have the funds to buy anything, so seeing all the...
  11. Exarius

    World of Warcraft

    And you enjoy WoW. Those who don't enjoy, well, generally don't play it either. And Cooper, considered trying to check for a guild that raids on the weekdays? I know the guild I raided with early Cata was Wed/Thur/Sun, and from generally looking, that or Mon-Thur (or combination thereof) is the...
  12. Exarius

    World of Warcraft

    I would, but I play EU :| Anywhoo, I was kind of forced to reroll anew, because when I Started playing, it was on my friends bnet. Thus I gave ~30k gold to 2 friends, gear and stuff worth 6-7k to the friend whose bnet I had played on and started a new character on my own account, different...
  13. Exarius

    Characteristics of a Desirable Mafia Game

    All the multifaction games (MGS, WDNN Mafia, etc). However, the fact is that a leadership is needed in normal games for the village to win, but unless you are trusted by the leader, you won't have a big say in anything, which means you won't get to do much of the fun either.
  14. Exarius

    10/10 games

    2 games takes get that title for me. Pokemon Crystal In my opinion, the best of the pokemon games. Gen 1 (and remakes) are fun, don't get me wrong there, but for me, Crystal especially hits home. The graphics are decent for even today, there is a huge load to do, etc. I'd love to play this on...
  15. Exarius

    No Soap? No Shampoo? No Problem! (My 2k)

    Interesting... I might give this a try later on (summer or something, if I remember). However, I will start with less shampoo; having long hair with dandruffs, it might just be easier without that stuff in there. Also, congrats with 2k!
  16. Exarius

    post creepy/supernatural stories/urban myths

    It's an adaption of a short story, don't remember the name though. The Ted-Version however cuts off right before the ending of the story, which makes it a lot more creepier. I definitely prefer Ted over the original.
  17. Exarius

    japanese earthquake and tsunami

    You simply won't. The rebuilding won't start until this whole mess has stopped; I wouldn't be surprised if it's pushed back into April. And it will take years to rebuild and return to normal, not mentioning the psychological scars this will leave. Also apparently, that 6.6 quake is a separate...
  18. Exarius

    japanese earthquake and tsunami

    Yeah. So much for "up to 6 on Richter".
  19. Exarius

    japanese earthquake and tsunami

    Holy sweet christ... Heard about this today morning, but didn't get any exact numbers except for the strength. Now that I watched some of that live footage... I have no words. That's just horrible. My thoughts will certainly go out there. Especially since I have a friend living there (not...
  20. Exarius

    I am a big bucket of mafia fail.

    When you see a thread with [sign-ups] in the title, post your priority in there (p#, number depends on how many games you are in currently. 1 if in none, 2 if in one, etc). When the sign ups close, if you get in, you are sent your PM, a new thread is posted where the game is played, etc. If you...