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  1. SubMindRaikou

    Monotype Skarmory (Steel)

    [OVERVIEW] * As one of two Steel / Flying types in the game, Skarmory marks itself as one of the premier options on balance and hyper offense Steel teams. * Skarmory's excellent bulk combines with a great defensive typing that gives it an immunity to Ground and a neutrality to Fighting to let it...
  2. SubMindRaikou

    Other Metagames zap [electric monotype]

    Introduction Hello monotypers! Most people here probably wont recognize me but I've been around the monotype room as an ocelot a bit. One day I happened to stumble across an electric user not using an Ampharos or Luxray as his Mega Sableye check and instead, using an electro ball Mega...
  3. SubMindRaikou

    Other Metagames Previously a triple scarf team but now? [Monotype Steel]

    Teambuilding Process It started out as a simple FWG Steel core. After learning a bit about cores in VGC I decided to try one out for Steel, and since the fantasy core is unavailable for Steel monotypes I had to go with the FWG core. After testing this core out in a few different ways I decided...
  4. SubMindRaikou

    Other pls help with mono bug team

    Bug Monotype This is my second rate my team and I have decided to make this one after switching to the bug type. After a few weeks of testing different bug monotypes I have decided to get help with my monotype. I have tried to include a few reasons as to why I have each pokemon so that...
  5. SubMindRaikou

    Other i hope sparkysenpai notices me

    Hello this is my first rmt for my loyalsparky team that I use. A lot of what I use here is based off of what I have read in I named all the pokemon "sparkyloyal" after the one who is best at...