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  1. Chronobreak

    The UnderUsed Teambuilding Workshop V2 (VOTING)

    The UnderUsed Teambuilding Workshop Version Two Approved by Hikari and Sam Concept stolen from Yagura and Soulgazer Hosted by daedalus1103 Grammar by McMeghan Art by pi3rate OP by Celsius What is this ? The idea of this project is to show UU players that you don't need a squad featuring 6...
  2. Chronobreak

    Amphabulous Dragon/Fairy/Steel Core! (An Defensive OU team)

    Hey guys, it's daedalus1103, and welcome to my first OU RMT! After spending quite some time in the UU meta, I decided to dabble in OU a little bit, just to see how I liked it. So I decided to try a defensive core I found in a thread that used Mega Ampharos, a pokemon I have been wanting to use...
  3. Chronobreak

    Titans and ninjas: My second RMT

    Hello, I'm daedalus1103, and I am doing my second RMT, with some of the most powerful and underrated pokemon in my favorite tier to date:UU. Even though the team combos and synergy could be better, this team is still a force to be reckoned with. Now, onto the team! Weavile @ Focus Sash...
  4. Chronobreak

    My first RMT! (a UU Beta Team)

    Hi guys, I have loved Pokemon for a lot of my life, but have just gotten into competitive battling with the beginning of X and Y, mostly on Showdown. After countless fights with Rotom-washes, Aegislashes, Talonflames, and the like, I decided to try some UU. Putting together a team with many...