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  1. Monkey Smurf

    ORAS OU The Wind At Our Backs: Hoopa + Tailwind Offense

    *********************************** The Wind At Our Backs *********************************** Hey everyone! I'm here with a fun little team I made on Halloween, since I was in the mood for a little festivity. I continued to make some changes, since it turned out to be a blast to play...
  2. Monkey Smurf

    ORAS OU A Draconian Choice

    A Draconian Choice || | | | Introduction After playing exclusively Hyper Offense teams for the majority of my competitive career (with the exception of my terrible, terrible Chansey obsession when I first began... *shudder*), I decided now would be a good time to take a gander back into the...
  3. Monkey Smurf

    ORAS OU Alaka...ZOR!!! (M-Alakazam + Scizor HO)

    Hey, I'm here with a HO team based on the core of Mega Alakazam and Scizor. I'm pretty new at Hyper Offensive teams, since I typically played balance/bulky offense, but after a brief hiatus from Pokemon, I'm trying to get back into it. I started with something I wanted to use, which was Mega...
  4. Monkey Smurf

    XY OU First try at a Mega Altaria team

    I've never really gotten into teambuilding before, so this is gonna be ugly. I really like Mega Altaria's look, and it has really cool typing, so I decided to build a Balance team around it. The end result isn't really working, as half of it wants to play like a stall team and half of it wants...
  5. Monkey Smurf

    XY OU Stumbling into OU!

    So as you can probably guess from the thread name, this is my first venture into OU (besides a mono-purple team that won like one battle ever). I've played LC a bit, but that isn't nearly as competitive as OU. So this won't be pretty. But here goes! Sorry about some of the image sizes, I don't...