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  1. Happy birthday dude and late congrats on that triple trophy!

    Happy birthday dude and late congrats on that triple trophy!
  2. healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    I've been there, basic pull ups destroyed my untrained abs a while ago. That was some of the best DOMS I've gotten in that area.
  3. MLB Discussion Thread

    RIP, two bright futures. Wish they could see game 7. Both teams playing solid ball and having good ABs, it might be something epic. KC bullpen trio might pitch 6 innings today and for all we know Bumgarner might too.
  4. The World Cup of Pokémon IX - Sign Ups - Read post #322 and #463

    Pokémon Showdown Username(s): yee Tiers: your mom Country / State of Residence: California Nationality: LBC
  5. healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    I'm curious how you guys feel about running shoes, I've been reading "Born to Run" and it slams them a lot. The basic idea makes some decent sense; that our race when it still had to hunt probably wasn't sitting around in the wild nursing runner's knee or w/e when it had to survive while...
  6. MLB Discussion Thread

    I wish I could comment on how 170 lb Dee looks vs the old 145 lb'er, but I don't have a channel to watch him on yet.
  7. Help me choose my next car?

    Between those two, I feel the Infiniti will 100% be the better car but the GT-R will have already gone through the "I lost half my value by going off the lot". Although with the GT-R you are down like 60 hp from the newer models and that would be an annoying feeling for me. In any case the...
  8. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    I start work at 4 and will only have like 20 mins to draft before I have to leave, sorry for late notice but hopefully this doesn't completely mess everything up.
  9. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    That is an awesome time!
  10. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    Can't find the league page w/ the time, I basically am busy unless it's 10:30 pm or later on any given day but if it prevents autodraft I could probably find a lecture during the week to miss.
  11. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    I'm down and I'm
  12. Why do you play video games?

    I personally noticed in my youngest days of memory that I arrived on this planet with certain preferences- certain foods of course being one of them, some hobbies and sports appealed to me more than others and even some OCD habits like making sure I stepped on the same amount of cracks with each...
  13. New Years Resolutions

    Definitely agree that New Year's Resolutions should be begun the second the idea comes to mind rather than a certain day because I've definitely never woke up the next day suddenly feeling more inspired than before. Baby steps are always crucial too- I basically feel that eating one or two less...
  14. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    That's a great deal for Texas with that discount they got compared to the Yankees. I felt like the lefty weakness for him might be a problem but his career vs LH starters in 1000 PA is a .372 OBP still (although slugging pct. isn't any higher than that). That drops all the way down to like .340...
  15. healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    Thanks guys I'm giving a breather a shot- chillin today and enjoying good fortune of finals being over and gonna try a steady even run tomorrow to get back into it :)
  16. healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    I need help. The past few weeks my performance has seemingly randomly tanked out of nowhere. On Thanksgiving I did a 10k a little over 3 minutes above last year's time, even though I felt like I had been in better or at least comparable shape to the last one I did. It seems like it was the start...
  17. Player Sign-Ups! SPL Season V

    Player Name: yee Tiers Played: XY OU Timezone : gmt-8 (best) Significant Time Missed?: Nah
  18. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    I would defend the Pujols deal in terms of it paying itself back in the short term (fans were super happy before he started playing for them + TV money) and the Hamilton deal in a vacuum wasn't terrible, but man if you're signing Joe Blanton to a guaranteed rotation spot sign Hunter instead...
  19. Serious What Has Pokemon Taught You? (Help for a paper)

    I actually thought about this myself and came to a conclusion. Part of the original Smogon mission statement or "why are you nerds taking this so seriously answer" is that Pokemon can be taken very seriously. It's not a relatively complex game battle to battle, but if you haven't played it seems...