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  1. Heliodor

    Kingdra [QC 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] * Kingdra's access to Swift Swim and access to spread Muddy Water make it one of the best sweepers on rain * Its outspeed the entire unboosted metagame under rain * Solid Water / Dragon typing leave it with few weaknesses, unfortunately, its mediocre bulk wont let it optimally takes...
  2. Heliodor

    Doubles Porygon2

    [OVERVIEW] Porygon2's fantastic bulk with Eviolite, access to reliable recovery, and only one weakness make it a solid Trick Room setter. Porygon2 also has an expansive support movepool and useful abilities, which make it flexible an easy to put on teams. Porygon2 is unique because it is not...
  3. Heliodor


    [OVERVIEW] [SET] name: Assault Vest move 1: Thunderbolt / Thunder move 2: Volt Switch move 3: HP Ice move 4: Sludge Bomb / Focus Blast item: Assault Vest ability: Volt Absorb nature: Timid evs: 240 SpA / 16 SpD / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Set Details ======== With an Assault Vest...
  4. Heliodor

    Doubles Camerupt

    [OVERVIEW] Mega Camerupt is a great Trick Room attacker thanks to a combination of high Special Attack, an excellent ability in Sheer Force, and stupendous Speed that allows it to underspeed and KO Amoonguss, a Pokemon that Trick Room teams have problems dealing with, Furthermore, other Trick...
  5. Heliodor

    Doubles Diancie

    [OVERVIEW] Diancie is a great Trick Room setter and attacker due to its great bulk and decent offensive stats. Diancie's ability Clear Body gives it an immunity to Intimidate, which is a common problem for most physical attackers. A Rock / Fairy typing is unique for a Trick Room setter, making...