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  1. Piracy and Illegal Downloads

    I am so incredibly glad I started downloading music and ROMs from the internet. I've downloaded about 80 songs and 20 GBA ROMs. How the hell am I supposed to get Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi, Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Mother 3 for my GBA when those...
  2. favourite snack foods

    Oh man when I have goldfish I eat at least half of a large bag in one sitting. Very delicious though! :D However I have to rely on other snacks as I don't often get goldfish since I eat them so quickly so I usually just eat banana slices with peanut butter and they're so delicious~
  3. [extreme fun] The Circus Sign-Ups

    I want to play :D
  4. [Big] dude Signups

    This could be fun :O
  5. [Standard]--Console Wars Mafia Game Over! Go Microsoft for wining (not winning)

    It's obviously a posting restriction.
  6. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Entering the ass of a vomiting horse.... Cool.
  7. [Standard] Redwall Mafia - Redwallers and Altair win!

    Exa I did send in my actions for the last night, but I still have no idea how they didn't work. D:
  8. [Standard] Redwall Mafia Signups

    P1 Pearls of Lutra was my favorite book. ;o
  9. [Standard] Overkill Mafia II - Game Abandoned

    I was vonFielder's Stormy King counterpart. Although whoever wrote the original fake inspection result messed up. :o Yes wickdaggler, that was Palkia you stole from.
  10. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Trolling the noobs in the numbered rooms is fun every once in a while. :D
  11. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    VIVE LA FRANCH! Wait a second...
  12. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Earlier there were two anvil gods on the anvil god level. It was scary. x_x
  13. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Hahaha, I'm in. Teamaether
  14. [Standard Mafia] Overkill Mafia II Signups

    I seem to have fallen off the list during the move from p2 to p1?
  15. [Standard Mafia] Overkill Mafia II Signups

    P2 because of ESG