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  1. Azelf (Choice Band Lead)

    Fine. Didn't see that Starmie, Infernape, and Colbur Azelf have more combined score then Metagross. I made him Adamant because Jolly Azelf loses to Metagross. Also, where I should post sets?
  2. Azelf (Choice Band Lead)

    Looking for an anti-lead that can beat most leads yet still have a good mid-game? Look no further. [SET] name: Choice Band Lead move 1: Zen Headbutt move 2: U-Turn move 3: Explosion move 4: Trick / Ice Punch / Fire Punch item: Choice Band ability: Levitate nature: Jolly/Adamant evs: 4 HP / 252...
  3. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 11b - Attacking Moves Poll

    Ice Punch Paleo Wave Sucker Punch
  4. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Winter Wonderland Slowing Down The Game
  5. Star Strike [Menceless Suspect]

    24 hr. bump. Wait, it's like, 120 hr. Bump.
  6. Star Strike [Menceless Suspect]

    Fine. Edit: Post 150.
  7. Star Strike [Menceless Suspect]

    So I decided to make a team for the new meta. Latias's Ban had invalidated most of my teams - I had a LOTias on every team that didn't have a ScarfTias. After reading the forums a bit, I found the existence of the Menceless Suspect. Looked good, because I was tired of putting a Scizor or...
  8. "Fun"

    In addition to no BG, Enemy Watchers can also help with the leader situation. A Watcher is a role that can see who targets a chosen target.
  9. Awesomeness Mafia: Signups

  10. Gunboat Diplomacy: Game over! England (Earthworm) wins!

    Unless Austria does something stupid (like Army Galicia -> Silesia or Army Galicia SUPPORT Russian Army Warsaw), then this wins for england: Army St. Petersburg -> Moscow (to guard against Turkish Army Sevastopol -> Moscow) Army Moscow -> Warsaw Army Silesia SUPPORT Army Moscow -> Warsaw Army...
  11. CAP 10 CAP 10 - Part 10b - Attacking Moves Poll

    Cross Chop Signal Beam X-Scissor Overheat Superpower Focus Blast Aura Sphere Brave Bird
  12. Remoraid Mafia - Haters, Yeti, and Coronis Win!

    Even if we have 0 chance of winning lynch UncleSam
  13. The Grudge

    Boosted Water Attacks kill this team like it was made of flame: - Specs Starmie outspeeds and 2HKO's every member of your team with Surf and SR. Magnezone, Gengar and Lucario are OHKOed at least 75% of the time. If it has Hydro Pump, well, let's see the calcs Swampert : 448 Atk vs. 216 Def &...
  14. Remoraid Mafia - Haters, Yeti, and Coronis Win!

    Looks like mafia victory.