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  1. GL Nate

    Christmas-themed Hail Room

    Okay, the entire team is based on Trick Room and Hail, with a Christmas Theme. It tries to utilize pokemon in a unique and unexpected way to essentially stall, control, then sweep. The core of this team lies in our Christmas Tree, Abomasnow: Tannenbomb Hail + Trick Room; oh, well okay then...
  2. GL Nate

    Brought Back The Sun

    Good day, I'm GL Nate with my XY competitive team. I'm entering into a tournament on Dec 15 and I'd like to have my team evaluated. I've been playing competitively since I was a GymLeader for Toys 'R Us back in the red/blue days. I placed 10th in Pokemon Worlds 2001. I currently run a shiny...