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  1. SwagPlay, evaluating potential bans (basic definition of "uncompetitive" in OP)

    Blissey actually does a great job of ruining the regular SwagPlay user. +6 0 Atk Liepard Foul Play vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 157-186 (21.9 - 26%) -- possible 5HKO after Leftovers recovery This is with the standard Blissey and 31 attack IVs. If you want to stop it even deader, give her 0...
  2. Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    I don't think anyone's considered the thought of Physical Scarf Aegislash, which sounds gimmicky but works stupidly well as a check to so many things. Aegislash@Choice Scarf Ability: Stance Change EVs: 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP Nature: Jolly -Iron Head -Sacred Sword -Shadow Claw -Rock Slide...
  3. Xbox One

    Xbox DOne. Really, this is the new Dreamcast, I tell ya.
  4. Equal BST Metagame

    Hippopotas with Eviolite is a terrifying prospect with those 95/108/58 defences, while Sand Rush Drilbur enjoys 119 attack off an eye watering 95 base speed in the sand to outrun just about everything. Funnily enough, Vulpix is pretty much what Ninetales is at the moment.
  5. Minecraft Discussion Thread This is beautiful shit.
  6. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Jungles are huge trees with vines, and a shitload of green with a leafy floor. Mountains may or may not be part of jungles. Basically, if yu see tall trees with umbrella canopies, you're at a jungle.
  7. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    My faith in humanity has been restored only very slightly. Seriously, what a fucking gentleman, scholar and outright awesome human Notch is.
  8. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Is it me or does 1.2's sky seem a bit, I dunno, absent? No clouds, no sun, just dull grey.
  9. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Hellz yeah. This gonna be gud.
  10. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Said golems are the height of Endermen.
  11. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Jesus christ, they actually referenced Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
  12. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Guys, I thought it was Spheres of Smogon. Not Spheres of Suck. Get back to practicing not dying.
  13. Minecraft Discussion Thread

  14. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    The cats can breed to make kittens who have proportionally small heads. I d'awwed.
  15. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Fucking hell Fisdunction. That mooshroom herd was beautiful shit.
  16. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    They nerfed golden apples to heal only 2 hearts and give 4 seconds of health regen. Supposedly making them require gold nuggets only covers for this. It doesn't.
  17. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    That looks like the goddamn Far Lands, and you see how deep that is. One creeper is all it'll take and a void hole will be blasted into the floor. There's also the piles of lava to sort out too.
  18. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    ban grifer plox
  19. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    That is grotesquely beautiful.
  20. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    House construction is going well enough, until I hit a slight snag involving my want for an obsidian floor. Hence my frantic lava and redstone brainstorming while I sort the mess out.