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  1. CavemanCossy

    Abomasnow (QC 0/3)

    “A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.” Overview ######## *Pros* The only current Hail setter in the meta-game, Hail is a very useful weather for disrupting opposing weather strategies that could otherwise be deadly. Typing gives a very handy...
  2. CavemanCossy

    Abomasnow [QC Ready 0/2]

    Overview ######## The changes from B/W to X/Y were kind enough to Abomasnow and gave our Yeti Christmas tree a Mega Evolution, packing some amazing mixed offensive stats. Upon Mega Evolving, his base speed actually lowers to 30, tied with Reuniclus and Snorlax, making him the "fastest" Mega...
  3. CavemanCossy

    [2014 rules] Semi-HailRoom (comments and help appreciated!)

    'sup Smogon, been playing around with the concept of HailRoom for VGC. Help, comments, ideas and all that is very appreciated. I've been having moderate success with this team in both VGC and doubles. I feel like it's a very good and solid team so far, I've been hovering in the ladder with...
  4. CavemanCossy

    Abomasnow (QC 0/1)

    /* I don't believe that Abomasnow is worth using without a MEVO stone. However, I'd like input from the QC staff on this. */ [Pros] <ul> <li>Mega Evolution has amazing mixed offensive stats.</li> <li>Typing gives it key resistances to Water-, Ground-, and Electric-type moves, and an immunity...