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  1. deoxys speed

    Metagame Sun and Moon Doubles Discussion Thread

    Approved by Kamikaze. This thread is to discuss everything that has been released so far pertaining to the Doubles OU metagame. This will not be the official thread it's just to tithe people over until the games drop and get some good discussion going. :] Everything you need to know. Nothing...
  2. deoxys speed

    ORAS Doubles OU Azu Suspect Test Team (2 alts in top 20)

    2 lazy to ladder to #1 lul --------------------------------------------------------- What the team is built around Diancie beats dragons, Charizard-Y, and Kangaskhan all things Gastro struggles with. Gastro handles Heatran, Aegislash, Jirachi and with Icy Wind it lets Diancie beat...
  3. deoxys speed

    ORAS Doubles OU deoxys speed's sand

    Introduction: Hello Smogon n_n Iv'e been building a lot of teams lately just trying to improve my teambuilding process and understand everything that I can because it's probably the thing I like the most about this game. So I wanted to build around sand because it's my favorite weather and...
  4. deoxys speed

    ORAS Doubles OU Camel TR

    Format stolen from one of Earthworm's rmts that I really enjoyed. u_u Introduction Hello! I have an essay due in 2 days and I don't want to do it so I'm making an rmt of a team I just made instead. It's based around Mega Camel because awhile back I was looking through my teams and I...
  5. deoxys speed

    The Next Best Thing: Jirachi

    Approved by Arcticblast, LightningLuxray. Art done by myself n_n The Next Best Thing Introduction: Hello my name is deoxys speed, and I am taking over this thread from LightingLuxray. :] Hello my name is Arcticblast and I will be babying this for a few weeks before giving it back to deoxys...
  6. deoxys speed

    ORAS Doubles OU Blue Not Blue :>

    Introduction:3 I signed up for Farm League this week, and hadn't made any competitive teams yet for oras doubles. So i decided to make one. This is the final product. Overview: The first round was a 3 man round robin and I had to face AuraRayquaza and Chisabelle(I think that's how you spell...