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  1. CAP Battle

    A strange sound? I automatically assumed it was people booing it.
  2. CAP Battle

    Just a few things. First, does Vitalimar have any usable special attacks? As far as I can tell, he doesn't have any you can use, but I'll just throw that up. Second, something I found out. If you follow the steps for playing as Vitalimar, but using Cyclohm or Kitsunoh instead will cause the...
  3. The dak mafia - Real dak wins!

    In, please.
  4. Battleworld Mafia - The Absorbers, Eo Ut Mortus, Lesm46 Win!

    Lynch Flamestrike So it's the Masked now?
  5. CAP Battle

    It's one of Cartoons!'s entries that didn't win. I think it was for the CaP we now know as Arghonaut, but I don't remember completely. You'd probably do better to look it up it the CaP section of the site.
  6. Battleworld Mafia - The Absorbers, Eo Ut Mortus, Lesm46 Win!

    Oh, right. I should probably say something. Hey guys, I'm Diddy Kong. My partner there was Mr. 378, who you already know is Donkey Kong. Anyways, moot is making what I think are very shaky claims. If that role does exist, it sucks horribly, as well as gives a nice alibi if anyone asks for...
  7. Battleworld Mafia - The Absorbers, Eo Ut Mortus, Lesm46 Win!

    Actually, that's a good question. How was moot going to "prove" his role on a night where we can't check anything(as far as I know)?
  8. Battleworld Mafia - The Absorbers, Eo Ut Mortus, Lesm46 Win!

    I just read the OP again, and realized something: Oh boy.
  9. Battleworld Mafia - The Absorbers, Eo Ut Mortus, Lesm46 Win!

    The Powerful shall power you into powerblivion, mafias! Does anyone actually know what the mafias are called?
  10. Battleworld Mafia Signups

    P2 if I'm in Lockdown Mafia, P1 if not.
  11. Lockdown Mafia 2: Hail To The Chief (Signups)

    P1, since I didn't get in Blind.
  12. Blindness Mafia Sign-Ups

    P1, please.
  13. CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

    Oh, it had it, I think. I'm pretty sure it was just an error, but that's the best of my memory.
  14. CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

    I'm one of those weirdos who actually tried Colbur Berry Celebi, and even though most people regard Celebi as a user of the secondary, Colossoil is unable to stop it. This Celebi has taken as little as 27% from a Guts Flame Orb Crunch, and easily KO'd back with Grass Knot.
  15. CAP Server Moderators - Wyverii and Fuzznip

    Congrats, guyses. More kicking shall ensue.
  16. Jackie Chanless Mafia! Shendu wins!

    Ok guys, we are indeed going to Lynch LightningFusion. The rest of the game should go smoothly. Hopefully. If anyone (village!) wants to talk about what should happen, just send me a PM, on site or on IRC.
  17. Jackie Chanless Mafia! Shendu wins!

    Ok, guys, as evan said, all the villagers need to talk(both to him and me). Something I feel is very good happened last night.
  18. PokéMafia - Devious and 2 Neutrals win!

    PUT GOLBEZ IN Unless you mean FF6. But YES too if I'm in.
  19. CAP Battle

    I certainly have tried to host, but no one was on. I think we should first set up times, then, if that's working for everyone, we can start with bigger things.
  20. Jackie Chanless Mafia! Shendu wins!

    If you guys don't know yet, Mattimeo is the final Dark Hand. Silly Outlaw.