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  1. Kutscher

    SM OU OTR Magearna and A-Maro really offensive BO(peaked 1804)

    hi, this is my first(and probably last)SM rmt, I am playing with thist team for a long time, and this is probably the final form of it, so i decided to show you guys this team, cause i am very pride, hope you guys like it. I started the team with this core, cause OTR magearna was starting to...
  2. Kutscher

    ORAS OU RMT: Sand and Diamonds (Peaked 1751)

    Hi, this is my first RMT, and i'm very happy about it. I start using this team in the early of ORAS, but i made a lot of changes to it become better, and now i'm having a lot of success in the ladder, and i decided to write a RMT to you see it and talk what you think, also i will accept tips and...