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  1. Let's Play! Let's Catch 'em All in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon! (Part 31 up: Wish Cave (2) & End))

    My vote for starter is Cubone (Nick: Skelebro) Partner: Bulbasaur (Nick: RedsLoaner) I know nothing about Mystery Dungeon, nothing.
  2. List your types from favorite to least favorite

    First Class: Poison. The representation of steels power. The best pokemon is poison type. Ghost: Great typing, the best pokemon is ghost type. Fire: Nothing likes taking a hit from fire, it answers most questions with untimely and non-consensual fainting. 2nd Class: Flying: All it needs is...
  3. Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for TrickRoom/5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

    No sorry, I was sort of testing the waters and failed.
  4. Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for TrickRoom/5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

    I apologize, it was under the show/hide and I must not have understood your post.
  5. Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for TrickRoom/5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

    I've got a list and would like to arrange a trade for a friend ball beldum.
  6. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    You need to provide or link set information when you ask for specific advice. If a question is hopelessly broad it will go avoided. What moveset do you have so we can suggest a counter strategy?
  7. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    The buttons are bunched together as a UI shift for use on a single screen instead of on two screens. :(
  8. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    As far as I'm beginning to understand it, if the AI team is using any combination of pokemon/moves/abilities that is currently unobtainable in Gen 7 or illegal, you can't upload the video. That's why it's a constant problem for everyone.
  9. New player here

    Welcome! If you can, try and join one of the discords. The more we have, the better.
  10. SPOILERS! Characters

    Everyone can't just post Lillie, I'm going to go with the most memorable and influential side character. The man dressed as Machamp in the Hano Grand Hotel.
  11. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Alright, I was using a slight variation of HeadsIWins team and here's my path to 50 wins, minus roosts and kings shields. With the exception of a few battles it was relatively easy so I wish best of luck to thread newcomers looking for help. Dragonite @ Lum Berry Adamant Multiscale 52 HP / 252...
  12. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    A As I understand it from Reddit/Serebii. If you were to go to 31, then intentionally throw the game, you'd get a bottle cap every day. However going from 30 to 60 does not get you the bottle cap.
  13. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Yes, Araquanid-1 has bright powder, but it doesn't pop-up immediately on the damage calculator. I recommend double checking with the spreadsheet if any of the damage calc's builds say no Item.
  14. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Am I the only one who gets confused when people put Spd? I think it's special defense, because spe on Toxapex is weird. But sometimes I just can't tell.
  15. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Gengar-1 troubles everyone. Post up your full team, I'm not sure what you have other than a sashed Pheromosa so help is difficult.
  16. Pokémon Necrozma

    He has Brick Break as an option for Bisharp, it's a physical attack so he would use his attack and calm would be detrimental.
  17. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    He was rude and violated the rules of the first post, please do not be rude in kind. It distracts from learning how to reach 10000 in the battle tree.
  18. Pokémon Kartana

    N No, it's Timid to allow speed beast boosts. It's quite clever.
  19. [Gen 6-8] Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

    Requesting Adamant | Scrappy -> Parental Bond IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 EVs: 244 HP / 252 Atk / 12 Def Fake Out / Return / Sucker Punch / Earthquake Note: Happiness resets when traded; don't forget to take it back up for a full-power Return. Deposited: Mareep Lvl 13 Female IGN: Alydos Reasoning...

    Alright, thank you once more for sharing, and have a good night!