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    Other SM OU Ladder Achievements

    Achievement: Leaving Low Ladder
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    Serious Balancing Life and Pokemon

    As a child, my parents were kind of strict with allowing me to play video games. The verbal contract we had allowed me to play during weekends. When I was punished for wrongdoing, I'd lose the privilege to watch television or play video games. Around age fourteen, I began to do well...
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    Taken from the OU Bazaar Thread:

    Taken from the OU Bazaar Thread:
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    Announcement np: SM OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Digital Love - Genesect is now banned

    Honestly, I don't know why we keep suspecting this thing. Repetitive arguments and name-calling aside, the end result always depends on each player's view of Pokemon as a competitive game: Those that believe that Pokemon is solely a game of prediction (in which each player is to use their prior...
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    Really good article imo. Just what I needed to adjust to S/M OU.

    Really good article imo. Just what I needed to adjust to S/M OU.
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    Resource Ultra SM OU Bazaar

    Pretty bad team I've got right here. It's fairly slow (at least I think so because nothing actually outruns important threats like Pheromosa). It's built with more of an ORAS-type of mentality, because I've played under ninety games, (thank you, midterms) and lack any sort of experience in S/M...
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    can you ban t-wave now? thnx

    can you ban t-wave now? thnx
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    What do you like to do after a loss?

    If a loss doesn't set me on tilt, I'll usually look at how I played (on PS, Smash, etc.). If any modifications can be made to avoid that situation in the future, I'll either edit that team or reconsider my approach to allow for more failsafes. Despite there being around 700 Pokémon that I can't...
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers MKII (Read the OP First!) (Now with 100% more Rules!!!)

    What's the EV spread for Defensive Volcanion? I think a stat of 202 should be plenty for bulky SD Zor and SpDef Tran, but a stat of 194 still creeps min speed Heatran, and gives me a little more bulk. Thoughts?
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    Little things that make you happy

    -Watching a well-written movie with unanticipated themes -Poking fun of/playfully messing around with friends and family -When people unexpectedly get somewhat personal in conversation -Winter holidays; it just feels like everyone's a bit nicer during that time -Giving advice to others that ask...
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    Looking for fellow players to Skype chat with

    I'd like to be involved in a chat group, or even just find other people to share teams/ladder with. My Skype is victini493
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    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Morelull Is that some sort of signature sleep-inducing move, or are the move animations adjusted more to the user's specific design? Grass/Fairy is an interesting type combination that I personally think we should have seen with the Florges line in XY. I'm kinda hoping it evolves into a...
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    Do you have a job?

    I doubt I'd be of much use, but I'd be happy to help you practice interviewing. No doubt it sounds weird, but I think that practicing with unfamiliar faces may be a legitimate way to familiarize yourself with the process. Otherwise, I'd suggest working on improv skills, as a way to combat the...
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    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    When are we supposed to get more S/M news? I think I heard that something's going to get released at an event on the 26th, but I forgot what the event was called.
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    Gen VII: Pokémon Sun and Moon (New info Post #5834)

    Manaphy has Heart Swap and Tail Glow. The latter was exclusive to it in the generation it was introduced in, and I believe Heart Swap is still unique to Manaphy.
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    The World Cup of Pokémon XI - Sign Ups

    Pokémon Showdown Username(s): 4daptability Tiers: ORAS OU, B/W OU Country / State of Residence: US West (CA)
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    I don't have a pattern with starters. Gen 1: Charmander Gen 2: Cyndaquil Gen 3: Mudkip Gen 4: Turtwig Gen 5: Tepig Gen 6: Chespin Gen 7: Litten I don't do it nearly as often now, but I used to keep my starter five levels higher than everything on my team (they would all be the same...
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    Anyone have a Youtube channel?

    I wouldn't say active, but I tend to upload when I have free time (kinda swamped by midterms/finals atm), and it's kind of fun. Not only does it help with speaking and presentations, but it also helps you with improv, which in turn makes you more open to new people. Link me to your channel when...
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    Life As A College Student

    Lucky. I don't think anyone plays competitive Pokémon at my school... I hope you guys eventually get to meet. In my experience in high school and college, meeting someone that plays mons is kind of like seeing a unicorn.