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  1. Dragonknight!

    Trade thread with KB shinies, and banner services

    Hey all, decided it would be easier for me to just have a thread of things I have. Don't really have the time to make this super fancy or anything, so sorry for the lack of colors and pictures. I can't clone, so everything requested will be bred per request. Feel free to make extra requests...
  2. Dragonknight!

    Team lists

    I'm not sure if this is already around, but I haven't seen it around, and think this would be both interesting and helpful to a lot of users. I play a lot of magic the gathering, and there is always a compilation of decklists that do well, and put up on various websites. An example is shown...
  3. Dragonknight!

    VGC Shop! 4 Egg move scraggys!

    Hello Rules Whatever don't scam etc etc Somebody give me a project: Currently this forum is filled with the same handful of pokemon going around, and most are for OU 6v6 Singles. I'm starting to breed for only VGC purposes, so if you see anything I don't have but you feel should be around for...