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  1. Making a Very Specific Server?

    If I wanted to create a server primarily using my own custom hackmons, what would I need to do? Would it require money? Is it even possible? Just wondering if I should pursue a small project I've been working on and I think quite a few people would be interested in it.
  2. Update the Damage Calculator

    I know the people on smogon can be very busy, but it's been a long time since Pokemon Black and White have been released, and it seems like a damage calculator that has all the new Pokemon and new items would be good. If this is already in production, is there a date I can expect this by?
  3. The Avengers- A Pleasanton Warstory

    Prologue Hello my name is Stephen Buhl, but I’m known, unpleasantly I might add, on this forum as Saboros. Why unpleasantly you say? Well I was an ignorant noob who defended his measly, inexperienced posts. I’ll get more into it later on in this narrative. This warstory starts on May 21st...
  4. Nintendo: The Philosophy of Pokemon

    As some people might know, If you search anything on Wikipedia and click every first link that isn't italicized or in parenthesis it will eventually lead to Philosophy. I tested this out, and it worked. I decided to test it out a couple times on Bulbapedia as well, the Wikipedia of Pokemon. And...
  5. Deleted

    Can someone help me, the whole team got deleted.... o.O
  6. Why Don't You Battle Me Then, Chicken?

    Hello my name is Stephen, I'm also know as Saboros on this forum, I'm somewhat active and mostly interested in the VGC metagame. Last year my VGC11 career was cut short when I faced Jeremy Fann at the San Jose regionals. Since then, I've been training hard to become a better battler and...
  7. VGC12 Spring Regionals Pleasanton, California

    Hey everyone, so last year my friends and I saw tons of Smogon players at the San Jose Regionals and I was wondering who we're going to see this year in Pleasanton, CA? So comment saying if your attending and your division! I plan on attending with Kid Kadabra.
  8. Super Offensive VGC team, you blink you lose!

    Team From a Glance Weavile@Focus Sash Pressure Jolly 4HP/252Atk/252Speed Ice Shard Fake Out Night Slash Protect One of my favorite Pokemon, once I saw the rise in popularity I snapped at the opportunity of finally being able to be successful with a Pokemon I...
  9. Silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids.

    Team From a Glance Gee another trick room team, well sorry guy's, I really think this is a powerful team that'll hopefully win me seniors regionals this spring.Let's take a look at the team Cresselia@Mental Herb Levitate Relaxed 252HP/252Def/4SpDef Trick...
  10. Spring VGC12 Pleasanton California, who's going?

    Hey everyone, so last year my friends and I saw tons of Smogon players at the San Jose Regionals and I was wondering who we're going to see this year in Pleasanton, CA? So comment saying if your attending and your division! Seniors Saboros Kid Kadabra b.o.bello Masters
  11. Weather or Not Here I Come!

    The team from a glance Since the release of the rules for VGC 2012 I have totally against weather-based teams, before I didn't want to use it. Now I want to counter it, and hopefully every other type of team, Tailwind, Trick Room and varieties of the lot. Hopefully I can get some common...
  12. Sandstorm Galore?

    Hey guys, this is my second RMT, and all comments would be much appreciated. Tyranitar@Chople Berry Sand Stream Impish 252 Atk/ 252 Def/ 4 Def Earthquake Rock Slide Crunch Protect Tyranitar is meant to set up sandstorm, i ran 252 def EVs to protect from all those physical attackers that i...
  13. San Jose 2011 VGC Warstory

    So this starts about April 2011 when I first decided I would be in the VGCs. I didn't have much access to my DS... sheesh... moms. I really wanted to make a team focusing around Zoroark, and disguising it as a Cofagrigus. But horrible feedback made...
  14. Haban Berry + ASQGSA

    So firstly I'm having trouble locating the Ask a Simple Question Get A Simple Answer thread. I'm kinda new so I'm not really sure how to navigate around, so help with that would be nice. Also I was wondering, how can I get a Haban Berry in Pokemon Black?
  15. VGCs! Now where do I sign?

    Hey guys kinda new to this whole posting thing, so sorry if I post in the wrong section. I was just wondering where and how I sign up for the VGCs? Unless sign ups are at the event? Lemme know, thanks :heart:
  16. Eye On the Prize?

    Hey, so this is my first VGC team(s), and my friends have given me negative feedback about it. However I've found it's success rate on the Skarmbliss VGC Pokemon Online server to be 70-75%. It's succession with double battles using all generations is around 50-55%. Because the VGC is the best 2...