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  1. Tick Tick BOOM- Doubles WarStory

    I'm seconding this. Also I didn't even really find the battle that enjoyable, I suppose for what it was ( A short vgc match ) it was somewhat entertaining to read but honestly your commentary ruined it for me I stopped reading it for the last half. Formatting was aesthetically pleasing...
  2. A first warstory, A challenge CUp warstory, and a 2k post!

    Very enjoyable. And congratulations on Y2K
  3. Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    Emolga - Plus Speed nature. The idea of paralysing anything distresses poor Emolga. Therefore, to counteract this Emolga must only use moves that do not have a paralysing secondary effect. Secondly in attempt to avoid having static activate, upon learning Double Team you must use it a...
  4. Fishing day and my slug just baited a whale

    It is always enjoyable to see decent warstories come from an underrated tier such as this. Formatting was right on the money. Comments were appropriate. 'something about it being one sided' Though had you not played defensively prior you would not have been able to net the much needed Deoxys-A...
  5. Stat-Up Moves!

    I'm going to second this. Often I would mistake a Nasty Plot Azelf for one of the suicide nature, which in turn would generally be a game changing mistake. and also, in relation to Mew. Smeargle comes to mind.
  6. I'm singing in the rain ♪ (Ubers)

    I found this enjoyable. Good Job.
  7. The Forty Fraylords

    Very well done. No criticism do I have. None.
  8. A Dance Revolution-A Gen 5 OU warstory

    Your formatting was enjoyable and your commentary wasn't half bad. The battle itself whilst not overly amazing certainly wasn't terrible (there's certainly worse battles that have been war-storied) But I will second the notion that you should wait till you're certain that it's an amazing match...
  9. Weather Control? Hazard Control! - Tomahawk9 vs San_Pellegrino

    I'm never certain how I feel about duel commentary... The formatting was decent enough; I certainly have no objections against the 'Aesoft Format' it's simple and visually appealing. The battle itself was fairly entertaining.
  10. Round 1 Drama! (Ubers Warstory)

    I always enjoy a decent Ubers warstory. There really is never enough of them. You did a decent job formatting was fine same with the commentary.
  11. "What's the worst that could happen?"- Barry's fight!

    But keep in mind most of us here aren't twelve.
  12. "What's the worst that could happen?"- Barry's fight!

    Barry? Really? Really? This whole thing took a semi-decent warstory and added a negative aspect that was horrendously difficult to overlook. To finish it I had to ignore those parts completely. Your formatting was decent. So that's something. Thirding this
  13. The Pokémon Survival Challenge

    Done it with all generations. Trying to find different ways to make the game more challenging has been around as long as the game itself. We all have our own ways of making it so and some of us have probably come up with the same ideas (this being an example). Post your updates if you want...
  14. The Pokémon Survival Challenge

    Sigh I've been doing this for years.. Except I exclude all wild battles all together and only experience gained can be from trainers and when a pokemon dies then it's released. This isn't really anything new. Also I don't know if it really deserves it's own thread considering we already have the...
  15. Newton's Law of Conservation of Momentum

    Yeah I might have enjoyed at that bit. Relatively decent match with semi interesting teams. Though your commentary was a little verbose at times, it wasn't terrible and it did have some personality. I'm seconding the first comment; Change that yellow it ruins peoples eyes.
  16. Sand in his Suit; Digging for Fossils

    It was pleasant enough to read and the battle maintained a steady flow from start to finish. Well done.
  17. Driving under the summer sun, and the GPS is telling me to make a U-turn...

    Very well done and a Nurse to read.
  18. The Mafia Dinosaur Chronicles

    Formatting was fine Commentary was fine. That gives you an overall average of fine.
  19. Predictions, crucial predictions, overpredictions, and LOLS in ubers

    The formatting was standard and therefore fine. Did not enjoy the commentary at all... We know your opponents name and mentioning it almost every single time is seriously, seriously frustrating. Also "Cocky" isn't a nature. Try being modest if you decide to do another.
  20. Once upon a time it was like that. But then we had a big cull and got rid of people that were...

    Once upon a time it was like that. But then we had a big cull and got rid of people that were inactive and the group has just kind of plateaued.. Which I mean it's not like smogon groups are peoples lives it's understandable for people to be busy.. I don't really care for give-aways...