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    Issue #35 Released!

    Thanks for clearing that up :)
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    Issue #35 Released!

    In the trivia section, it is implied that arceus can learn attacking moves from all types but I don't think arceus is able to learn any atacking fairy type moves. Could someone clarify this? Level 51 maybe
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    Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    The other 2 frames are possibly by the random npcs because as far as I know, roamers always advance the frames
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    Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    It's probably just the npcs messing you up. If you can identify the chatters you could use that as a guide to see how many frames the npcs are advancing. If that's a no go, then calling the professor or the juggler are safe alternatives.
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    This is Luna. I rescued her from the local shelter. She's mad adobs! And I know she loves me as well :d
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    Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    A picture is worth a thousand words; could you post a few screenshots?
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    5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    It doesn't matter.
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    Dan Shive Art Thread

    Actually, in x and y, pokemon can leap and attack you if you walk by a rustling bush... I loved inkay's oblivious nature btw
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    Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Erwin is the same as Elm, just available earlier in the game.
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    5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    There's no such a thing as bw2 RNG
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    Who Moderates the Moderators?

    Wrong section. Anyways, the best thing to do would send a Pm to the mod involved and try to talk to him. I'm sure if you do that, politely, you'll get an answer. We also have super mods and admins, but seriusly, talking works 99% of the time.
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    All Hail Dot zi Dotannia (X/Y Trade Thread)

    Feebas don't exist yet :( Good luck either way :)
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    5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    If Timer0 is not the issue, then the next thing might. First one, is your frame (49) an IV or a PID frame?! I'm asking this because unlike gen 4, chatots don't advance the IV frame in gen 5 and you have to use other methods. If this is your problem I would just give up the seed and look for...
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    Vivillon Collection

    I was wondering the same thing, I live in NY so I got the Polar patter wich is fitting for the current weather I guess. But what about the summer will be getting the same one? I'm hoping we'll be able to get different ones. The same if you travel to different areas; it would just be so cool.
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    TM Location Research [Complete]

    TM Number: 01 Move Name: Hone Claws General Location: route 5 Specific Location: on the very top of the route you'll battle two rollerbladers, in the campus of purple flowers, you will see the yellow pokeball.
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    It learns agility at level 13
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    Data Item Descriptions

    Luxury Ball | A particularly comfortable Poké Ball that makes a wild Pokémon quickly grow friendlier after being caught. X Attack | An item that boosts the Attack stat of a Pokémon during a battle. It wears off once the Pokémon is withdrawn. X Defense | An item that boosts the Defense stat of...
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    fennekin evolves at level 16 Also confirming fire spin at level 22
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    Fletchling gets quick attack at Lv 6