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  1. RODAN

    Hot Takes

    KPOP is an incredibly damaging industry and is the embodiment of capitalism This applies to most music industries but specifically to kpop. The west has mostly moved away from trying to mass produce pop stars in a factory. The fact is its a feast or famine industry and they are pumping out tons...
  2. RODAN

    General Fighting Game Thread

    can you play mahvel 2 on fightcade
  3. RODAN

    Videogame thread

    Trials of Mana It fucking rocks. Playing it nonstop since release. Already beat the game once and im doing a second playthrough now. Combat is really simple, if you've played kingdom hearts or a tales games you should know what youre getting in to. Most of the strategy comes from training your...
  4. RODAN

    Videogame thread

    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory OK so I just finished this. I don't finish games very often these days but this one grabbed me until the end. This game is actually a sequel which I didn't realize until I bought it. Thankfully you don't really need much knowledge of the first to enjoy...
  5. RODAN

    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    here comes a joepedo
  6. RODAN

    Hot Takes

    the only reason people dislike turkey is because they let it dry the fuck out. if people truly cooked the turkey well the masses would realize turkey is one of the best poultry
  7. RODAN

    Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    now do the movies
  8. RODAN

    Serious Positive Energetics Thread

    looks like youre tonights big loser to me
  9. RODAN

    serious coronavirus thread

    so its spreading fast, most of us are in quarantine. but hey. jeff bezos is doing just fine
  10. RODAN

    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    people are dying of coronavirus
  11. RODAN

    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    2 non m4a candidates during the coronavirus outbreak. this is fucking epic
  12. RODAN

    Parroting 2 [Won by Da Letter El!]

    i just lost a 3-0 lead
  13. RODAN

    Serious lack of fulfillment

    anyone else have this. i've suffered from pretty bad depression most of my life and its been a really tough struggle to reconcile with it. anyway recently a lot of good things have happened in my life, minor things but they add up. the problem is even with all of these positive things, i still...
  14. RODAN

    Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    my top 5 of all time has been pretty steady for a while Kemonozume Digimon Tamers Lupin III (full series) Space Dandy Neon Genesis Evangelion
  15. RODAN

    Smog Awards 2019: Results

    100% wr
  16. RODAN

    General Music Discussion Thread

    belvin and tcr told me to make a music server so here u guys go
  17. RODAN

    Your favourite albums?

    Martin gonna rec a few different albums that either youre going to love or youre going to hate Melt Banana - Fetch Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Portico Quartet - Isla Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? Trio - Trio
  18. RODAN

    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    not speaking for every bernie supporter. but a lot of them view this election as a life or death moment, bernie is the only true progressive on the stage, the only one advocating for m4a. so when someone attacks his character it comes across like a genuine disdain for the working class. when...