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  1. Starmei

    Other Haxball 3v3 Tournament! [Round 2!]

    approved by shade As the name suggests, this is indeed a Haxball Tournament. Haxball is essentially an online game based on football. here's a link to the game. Co-Host: ShootingStarmie Haxball rules: This is a 3v3 single elimination Swiss-System tournament (see post...
  2. Starmei

    ORAS OU LizardAndSavior (Reqs MScep squad)

    The team: FWG and Steel/Fairy/Dragon. This team was originally made to whittle down/trap MScep switchins and then proceed to snatch souls. This team got me my reqs for Gren suspect. Any feedback is appreciated, sorry for this fairly unnecessary section. :] Feel free to ignore the...
  3. Starmei

    XY Ubers Starbae Ubers 1st RMT

    Welcome frens :] This is a nice Ubers team I've been using recently, it served me pretty well. Like any team it's not perfect and any feedback/advice is appreciated. Ignore the nicknames if you want. I also got my reqs for suspect test with this team :) You don't need a team intro para :]...