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  1. zeus408

    Battle Spot BSD need help pls

    So this my current team I've been using on BSD,the reason why i have Mega Areodactyl is cuz I was running into alot of Terracott teams so i looked up some strats to counter that and i found this reddit source : There at the bottom this dude said his aerodactyl and weavile has been amazing...
  2. zeus408

    Battle Spot help meeee pls

    MRGG-WWWW-WWXW-2828 What did i do wrong and what mons should have i picked?Starmie recked my milotic w thunder and my mence w ice beam Also i used the same mons against a team with a porygon 2 and it used trick room and i got destroyed, it had ice beam to take out my Mence and it took out my...
  3. zeus408

    Legendary builds help

    Can someone please tell me the Best strat and choices of 2 of these mons and I thinking about adding salamance with wide lens timid nature hyper voice/fire blast/draco meteor/roost and snorlax nature brave ability gluttony with Ipapa berry moves:return/earthquake/belly drum/recycle, sorry for no...
  4. zeus408

    SM OU Advice needed pls

    Silvally-Fairy @ Fairy Memory Ability: RKS System Shiny: Yes Hasty Nature IVs: 12 Atk / 23 Def / 16 SpA - Multi-Attack - Parting Shot - Punishment - Scary Face Set details:This is for them stallers like pyukumuku since it cant cure itself from toxic (and i know its not OU but...
  5. zeus408

    Sunny Day team

    so this is still in the works as i have many more pokemon in my arsenal to try out but here is my team right now Klefki@heat rock nature is impish ABILITY PRANKSTER 252hp 252 SP.DEF 4DEF SUNNY DAY REFLECT LIGHT SCREEN FOUL PLAY ROSERADE@SITRUS BERRY CALM ABILITY NATURAL CURE 252HP 252 DEFENSE...