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  1. IronGrahn

    ORAS OU Rain and Snow may break my bones (Sand/sun team peaked mid 1500)

    I'm not very good at teambuilding so please help me improving this team! :] Sand offense is really popular right now, and for a good reason. It's really effective and easy to use! Nothing more really to say here While Exca cleans offense, YZard cleans stall. It might seem strange that...
  2. IronGrahn

    XY OU Darude's Wrecking Squad

    (This is my 1st RMT, so bear with me plz.) I'm not good at building teams, so this is a miracle I got something decent for once. I built this team around sand offense. Exca sweeps through Offensive and Balanced teams after one SD. Support-tar with Smooth Rock gives Exca more turns to kill...