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  1. PartChandelure

    Done Don't send all UHTML messages

    Currently, when joining a room that has UHTML in it, rather than just sending only the displayed UHTML line, it sends all past changes, too. In UHTML-heavy rooms like Board Games, this causes as incredible load and doesn't let some users connect (I've logged 2MiB on join, before). Would there be...
  2. PartChandelure

    Done Scripted Button Permissions

    Currently, without being a Global Bot, Bots cannot use scripted HTML buttons in private rooms or subroomgroupchats, which causes multiple issues for Bots that rely on buttons for games to work (such as Chess). For this, I had three possible suggestions: a) Allow Bots to use them in private...
  3. PartChandelure

    Pending Make /rank display only the specific tier when used in a battle room

    I've already started writing a PR for this, but since it's a core command, I'd like to make a post in Suggestions. Basically, if /rank is used in a Battle Room (say a Gen8-1v1 battle), it'll display only the Gen8-1v1 ratings.
  4. PartChandelure

    Pending Improvement to Scavengers

    As far as I've been able to tell, PS runs toId() on the answers while scavenging in the Scavengers room to ignore commas and formatting and stuff. Howvere, running toId() on the é characters removes it entirely, causing multiple alts to be specified to avoid such problems. Could this be remedied...
  5. PartChandelure

    Necrozma [QC 1/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Necrozma has good offensive stats that allow it to deal a respectable amount of damage to a large majority of the metagame - successfully knocking out common threats such as Charizard-Mega-X and Tapu Fini. It has has reasonable bulk, and its ability, Prism Armor, greatly increases...