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  1. Mistaken

    ORAS OU Mistaken's Might (Balance) Peaked 48-7

    My goal was to create the most effective team possible around one of the most effective pokémon. Simple! Charizard-x has been ranked S for as long as I can remember. Boasting great stats and a nice ability to compliment it. Along with one of the best typings possible. The Team Building Process...
  2. Mistaken

    Tournament Teams Used To Qualify For OLT (with discussion)

    approved by Subject 18, Celticpride Hi mistaken here, showing the teams used to qualify for olt along with some discussion on how the teams changed over time. LT1A Cosine180 / LT1D Omfuga LT1a tessy // LT1A ABR LT2X Leftiez /...
  3. Mistaken

    ORAS OU How to Stall to The Top (Peaked #7)

    Hi guys, Mistaken here, bringing you a new RMT. This a successful stall team I created during the sableye suspect test. I know that gothitelle is likely to be banned, and sableye also has a good chance of being banned as well so I did not add them to this team. A lot of stall is similar, so you...
  4. Mistaken

    ORAS OU Dual Weather Balance Peaked #16

    Hello everyone. I have decided to make a RMT. It is as sun-sand balance team. The team can stack up spikes and stealth rocks to ware down charizards checks and counters. (team building process)...
  5. Mistaken

    XY OU CLEANING ACT peaked 1850

    This team was actually inspired by my other rmt. TEAM PROCESS: Charizard x + Rotom-wash charizard want a mon that can switch in on scarf lando-t and greninja (most of the time) and also help control bird spam + free switches into earthquakes Latios can give defog support for zard and eq to...