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  1. 420LegitShucks

    SS OU Galarian Trick Room

    To put it simply, I've always loved Trick Room. I've always thought the idea of slow, bulky nukes moving faster than OU's typical speed demons and annihilating them is just so much fun to me. So as soon as Pokemon Sword and Shield dropped and I was looking for ideas of teams to build, I came up...
  2. 420LegitShucks

    Question about moving mons to lower gens (development)

    Hey, so I don't normally post here asking questions, but there's a question I want answered, so I'll ask it. To give some context, I've been messing around with the Showdown source code on GitHub for a while (modifying the code on my own client and server) and I've been successful at pretty...
  3. 420LegitShucks

    SM UU Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Trick Room Team)

    Hello, it's me again with yet another RMT. I have been so excited for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon since it was announced, and now that it's been out for a few months, I feel like now would be the time for an RMT once again, this time for USUM. UU has always been a tier I've enjoyed, and in USUM...
  4. 420LegitShucks

    SM UU Sticky Web Adventure

    I haven't played much UU since the near end of ORAS, but now that I have started playing again, I gotta say SM UU is REALLY fun. I built this team for the Conkeldurr suspect because Conk being gone makes it easier to use so many more mons. I figured since the power creep was so massive and the...
  5. 420LegitShucks

    SM OU Pure Cancer in its Highest Concentration

    Hello again! 420LegitShucks here back for more RMTs! Since the release of the Mawilite, I have wondered for long periods of time on how to make the most cancerous team possible. But now the time is here. The most cancerous team to ever grace the Showdown ladder is here. And here it is, in all of...
  6. 420LegitShucks

    SM OU Hyper Offense in a Stupid Tier

    (title based off of a (Not) Blame Truth video) My first team for this new meta! I've enjoyed playing Sun and Moon OU (Postbank, of course) so far, and I'd love some help on this team specifically. As the title implies, it's a hyper offense team in Sun and Moon OU. Without further explanation...
  7. 420LegitShucks

    ORAS OU No Stall Allowed- A Bulky Offense Team

    Since I hate long matches more than anything, I decided to build a team based on all stallbreakers and all wallbreakers. Without further ado, here's the team: Black Kyurem: Item: Choice Band Ability: Teravolt EVs: 252 Atk/4 SpD/252 Spe Nature: Adamant Moves: Outrage Fusion Bolt Iron Head...
  8. 420LegitShucks

    Serious How it feels to be a Smogon player

    this triggered me
  9. 420LegitShucks

    ORAS OU Mega Medicham Balance

    So, I'm back with another team that I need some help on. Just like with my previous team, I'll make a description of the team below: Medicham: 252 Atk/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe Ability: Pure Power (Pure Power for Mega Medicham) Item: Medichamite Jolly Nature -Fake Out -Substitute -Zen Headbutt -High...
  10. 420LegitShucks

    ORAS OU Black Kyurem Balanced Team

    It's 420LegitShucks here in the RMT thread! While playing on Shoddy one day, I decided to build an OU team. Now me, being a big fan of balanced teams, built a balanced team around Black Kyurem. After I tested this team, I concluded that this is by far the best team I have ever built (not saying...