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  1. rssp1

    Parroting 2 [Won by Da Letter El!]

    i think my answers got swapped with bluedoom, i didn't say silver and he's the only person who said wally (my answer) i also said lapras, not duralodon, and wooloo, not mareep
  2. rssp1

    Random Battles Team Tour 3 - Week 7

    won ggs
  3. rssp1

    Random Battles Team Tour 3 - Week 5

    won in 3, ggs!
  4. rssp1

    Random Battles Team Tour 3 - Week 2

    Won, ggs
  5. rssp1

    Grookey [QC 0/2][GP 0/1]

    added a slash for juice changed the sentences for grookey's role on a team and the one for hammer arm Don't think we typically go into detail of why pokemon benefit from having it as a partner in pre-analyses so that wasn't changed rephrased the sentence with pivoting Switched up the sentence...
  6. rssp1

    Random Battles Team Tour 3 Signups

    Smogon Username: rssp1 PS Username: rssp1 Preferred Formats: Gen 8 Random Battle / Gen 7 Random Battle / Gen 5 Random Battle / Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle / Gen 7 Battle Factory Timezone: PST (GMT-8) Foreseeable Inactivity: I have a job but i'll get my games done
  7. rssp1

    Grookey [QC 0/2][GP 0/1]

    because my teambuilder glitched out and told me 36evs wouldn't work in defense. its probably better on def (esp because it becomes a more reliable onix/corph switchin) so I went ahead and changed it. Thanks!
  8. rssp1

    Grookey [QC 0/2][GP 0/1]

    This should now be ready for QC!
  9. rssp1

    Grookey [QC 0/2][GP 0/1]

    [SET] name: Fast Physical Attacker move 1: Wood Hammer move 2: Knock Off move 3: Drain Punch / Hammer Arm move 4: U-turn item: Eviolite / Berry Juice ability: Overgrow nature: Jolly evs: 236 Atk / 36 Def / 236 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Grookey functions as an early-game pivot that also provides its...
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    LC Rufflet

    Implemented, thanks deetah! This should be ready to upload now!
  11. rssp1

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    LC Rufflet needs a check, please!
  12. rssp1

    LC Rufflet

    talked with Merritt on discord to get the confusion figured out, now ready for GP!
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    LC Rufflet

    I feel like mentioning Chinchou is still fairly important so should I replace Electric-types with "chinchou" isntead? Also, the only viable rock-types right now are Onix and Dwebble, the latter of which doesn't resist flying-type moves, so should I replace rock-types with Onix? everything else...
  14. rssp1

    LC Rufflet

    Gonna work on this tonight, thanks Merritt!
  15. rssp1

    LC Rufflet

    As an aside, I feel like it might be a good idea to mention forming a birdspam core with other birds like Wingull/Vullaby but i'm not sure if I should be adding content to the analysis between checks so I decided not to do so. Thanks again for the detailed amcheck, Stoward!
  16. rssp1

    LC Rufflet

    I'll go ahead and take a closer look + add most of the suggested info tomorrow. Thanks for the amcheck!
  17. rssp1

    Resource Little Cup Pre-Analysis Thread

    Since Gothita has been banned i'd like to request Grookey Grookey @ Eviolite Ability: Overgrow Level: 5 EVs: 236 Atk / 36 SpD / 236 Spe Jolly Nature - Wood Hammer - U-turn - Drain Punch / Hammer Arm - Knock Off go - Merritt
  18. rssp1

    LC Rufflet

    Fixed, thanks for pointing this out!
  19. rssp1

    LC Rufflet

    Turns out I’m 0 iq good lord Fixed the item I’ll fix the move later tonight