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  1. Chaitanya

    Change in the Council (Again)

    1 True Lycan has decided to step down from council. We won't be adding anyone at this time. Thank you for your contributions!
  2. Chaitanya

    Announcement New Leaders and Council Members

    As most of you know, Wanka has unfortunately retired from Community Leader and Council, so we have more changes in monotype. Zap and Decem will be joining me as Tier Leaders! I know having three Tier Leaders isn't the norm but I'm confident adding both of them will be best for Monotype. Both are...
  3. Chaitanya

    Rejected Removing Filter in Private Rooms

    Lol not much to add to the title but I think as long as you aren't going out of your way to bully someone(which can be reported) you should be able to use censored language in private rooms considering most private rooms are small groups of friends chilling. I've seen people get locked for no...