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  1. MrCookiepants

     np SS UU Stage 0 - All I Want for Christmas is UU (UU Alpha is live!)

    It doesn't have Hawlucha to compete with, but there's Thievul! This thing seems like a shitmon on paper, but this set has been surprisingly effective at sweeping late game. Thievul @ Throat Spray Unburden 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest nature -Snarl -Dark Pulse -Psychic -Grass Knot It sets up...
  2. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Thievul

    How does Foul Play interact with Stakeout? Does Foul Play use the attack stat of the Pokemon switching out or the one switching in? A Stakeout boosted Foul Play could be the best use for this mon I feel.
  3. MrCookiepants

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    Anyone tried out defensive Kommo-o? Defense is actually its highest stat, so STAB Body Press from max defense Kommo-o actually hits significantly harder than an Aura Sphere from special Kommo-o or Dragon Claw from a physical set. Kommo-o @ Leftovers Abilty: whatever EVs 252 HP / 252 Defense /...
  4. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Hatterene

    This thing is surprisingly effective. If you set up Trick Room into Dynamax it will consistently kill 3-4 mons. The fact that it can’t be revenge killed with priority after using Max Mindstorm is huge.
  5. MrCookiepants

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    Dynamax is definitely meta defining but... it’s supposed to be? There are so many ways to stall out those 3 turns and if your opponent doesn’t make good use of that window it puts them at a huge disadvantage. I’ve seen people mention multi turn moves. Every mon can use sub and protect. People...
  6. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Sirfetch'd

    But then you’re locked into a move that you can’t click again. I don’t know. There are plenty of fighting types that can do Band better. But powerful priority and grass coverage in 100% crit Leaf Blade is at least a niche.
  7. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Sirfetch'd

    Leek allows it to abuse First Impression tho. 90 base power priority move with 50% crit chance is no joke.
  8. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Frosmoth

    Just noticed that Mirror Coat becomes a 100bp psychic attack during Dynamax. Definitely worth considering on Quiver sets to break Toxapex.
  9. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Frosmoth

    Is Mirror Coat worth running? It seems to Synergize very well with Ice Scales.
  10. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Dracovish

    Kinda funny seeing the bandwagon hype for this when Dracozolt with Hustle hits harder and can use its dual stab. I know water is more spammable but still.
  11. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Orbeetle

    Encountered a Weakness Policy set in game with Agility. It has a million weaknesses to get the boost off and the bulk to survive most hits. Being able to get +2 in Speed and offenses in one turn of set up can be quite scary, and it has everything it needs to sweep in terms of coverage. Like all...
  12. MrCookiepants

    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    Kommo-O definitely has potential. It's got the movepool and mixed attacking stats to gives its counters a headache. Clefable and Fini's uninvested Moonblast still has a high chance to OHKO even at +1 SpDef. 0 SpA Clefable Moonblast vs. +1 0 HP / 4 SpD Kommo-o: 252-300 (86.5 - 103%) -- 56.3%...
  13. MrCookiepants

    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    Please learn to read. Top tier offensively and defensively. Broken utility. Mega Steelix was not broken in RU. Not at first glance. It didn't wall everything. It didn't kill everything. It just provided so much utility that there was basically no reason not to use it. And this was deemed...
  14. MrCookiepants

    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    So what you're saying is, Landorus can be the hazard setter, check physical threats, fire off powerful STAB earthquakes, gain momentum with U-turn and give you a ground and electric immunity all in one. And that says nothing of what item it takes. It says nothing of what EV spread you choose. It...
  15. MrCookiepants

    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    That is ONE way in which a mon can restrict team building. The other way, which I clearly outlined, is being so good that you're basically forced to use it if you care about winning. Or being so good that it can just be lazily slapped on any team to fill whatever gap it can fill with its...
  16. MrCookiepants

    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    Being so good that there's basically no reason not to use it is the definition of over centralizing. It DOES restrict team building in the sense that it has such incredible utility and versatility that almost any good team of any playstyle will find a use for it. Why is this a bad thing? Are...
  17. MrCookiepants

    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    Cool, Naga is gone. Now can we stop trying to sweep the Landorus issue under the rug? Or is he still being protected?
  18. MrCookiepants

    Sun & Moon UU Speculation and Discussion Thread - Updated with UU Alpha!

    Okay so my first game on the UU alpha includes me failing to predict leads and being confused as to how Comfey's ability actually works. But skip to turn 19 and see the monster that is Toucannon ruin this man's day. My opponent...
  19. MrCookiepants

    Pokémon Toucannon

    I think as far as bird spam goes, Toucannon actually carves a niche for itself as both a wallbreaker and with the utility of suicide Beak Blast. Toucannon @ Life Orb Ability: Skill Link EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Beak Blast - Overheat - Bullet Seed - Rock Blast Think...
  20. MrCookiepants

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    The real reason MegaZam is OP is because Beast Boost is everywhere and Trace'ing that ability turns it into Pheremosa on steroids.