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  1. Lady Alex

    Dreaming of Meteor Showers

    Hi, everyone! It's been a while since my last rate my team, which was for the dark horse project back in February. Now that the project has been revived again, I decided to participate in it. Now that I've made the Dark Horse Hall of fame, I want to share my team with everyone for advice on how...
  2. Lady Alex

    Wish maker rides the lightning! (peaked #14)

    Introduction Ever since gen 4, I've primarily only used stall teams. Recently I decided I needed a change of pace and attempted to make a more offensively oriented team. The ubiquity of the ever common Tyranitar + Rotom + Scizor + landorus + 2 fillers core is utterly appalling to...
  3. Lady Alex

    Baton pass! (non-luvdisc edition)

    Recently, I thought it would be hilarious to make a hyper offense team centered around luvdisc. It worked as well as one might expect it to work (30 percent of the time, maybe?), but I realized that red card works wonders for hyper offense. At a glance: Ninjask@Focus Sash Adamant 252...
  4. Lady Alex

    Stop cleaning, Suicune!!!!

    Team at a Glance When I made this team, I wanted to utilize baton pass without having a team that crumbles without it, but immensely benefits from it. I've never really liked baton pass teams, since they are usually gimmicky and fall apart if no stats get baton passed, but I've had great...