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  1. Seth Vilo

    Mechanics Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    Side Shell Arm has different animations and effects based on if it's attacking the Defense or Special Defense stat. If it's attacking the Defense stat, Slowbro walks up and hits the opponent. This also counts as a contact effect, and triggers things like Rough Skin (tested on wild Sharpedo)...
  2. Seth Vilo

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    You made me optimistic it might have randomly been buffed, so I thought I'd test to make sure. It still operates the same as before and does NOT grant immunity... Crabhammer from a wild Kingler hit like normal... :psysad:
  3. Seth Vilo

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    The biggest thing I would caution when considering special Talonflame is that it basically eliminates the ability to check Volcarona. Even before a Quiver Dance boosts its SpD, Talon WILL miss the KO on offensive Volc variants. Meanwhile, Brave Bird only requires 8 Atk EVs (not even a boosting...
  4. Seth Vilo

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    With Libero out now, I don't believe Dragapult can be considered an offensive check any longer, sadly. Pseudo-STAB Sucker Punch has a chance to OHKO after Rocks. 252 Atk Libero Cinderace Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Dragapult: 270-318 (85.1 - 100.3%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO The one way I could...
  5. Seth Vilo

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    The biggest difference I see between Greninja and Cinderace is how reliant the latter is on Heavy Duty Boots to reliably do things. Greninja was free to run Choice items, Life Orb, or Expert Belt with ease, making it far scarier an attacker. Cinderace has to either lock itself on a move and lose...
  6. Seth Vilo

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Trick Room specifically is different because it is a -7 Priority move. Therefore, Prankster "boosts" it to -6. It will still be the last move used on the field in pretty much every scenario. I dunno if that fully answers your question, but the situation in which your question applies is...
  7. Seth Vilo

    OU Milotic

    Additionally, another consideration is 52 Speed EVs. This lets Milotic outspeed max Speed Dragapult after it's paralyzed (211 Spe vs 210).
  8. Seth Vilo

    OU Appletun

    Would Body Press be a viable option to consider over Draco Meteor? At the very least it lets you respond to Ferrothorn coming in so it doesn't get to do things for free, as it otherwise doesn't care at all about anything Apple does. Maybe that's what teammates are for, but it could be a viable...
  9. Seth Vilo

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    It also gets it through egg moves.
  10. Seth Vilo

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    In a tweet from someone at Game Freak (maybe Masuda, but I don't recall), they keep the original nature and just change the stats modified. Example, your Hydreigon will still be listed as Sassy, but after eating a Timid Mint it has the +Spe -Atk effect on its stats.
  11. Seth Vilo

    Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Isle of Armour 17th June

    From friends of mine who did the demo and tried this specifically, you CAN switch out a Dynamaxed Pokemon, but when you switch out Dynamax is reverted to normal form. If you send that mon out again it's just normal, and you've used up your Dynamax. Zowayix viol and bass Pikachu315111 EDIT...
  12. Seth Vilo

    OU Offensive Stealth Rock Kommo-o [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]

    To p2's point, if this became mixed and Drain Punch replaced Focus Blast, 32 Attack EVs and a Hasty nature guarantees an OHKO on Ash-Greninja after rocks. It also has a 90% chance to 2HKO SpD Heatran after one round of rocks and leftovers recovery (45 - 53.3% ). If you're aiming for a more...
  13. Seth Vilo

    OU Tapu Fini (revamp)

    Should the 12 SpA EVs be on the main EV spread if the reason for it (Scald) isn't the primary move option? Or should they just be mentioned in Set Details to run that if you pick Scald?
  14. Seth Vilo

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    The biggest things I've been seeing are a surge in Heatran, Tapu Bulu, Rotom-W, Celesteela, and Toxapex. Heatran runs rampant now that its best check is gone, and it's best partner Tapu Bulu has one less thing it has to check and can be more reliably switched into Ash-Gren and Lando-T. Rotom-W...
  15. Seth Vilo

    OU Tapu Fini (revamp)

    As an idea, and since Adamant Zygarde is no longer something that Fini needs to worry about, is Max Speed still necessary? With 204 Speed (282 Speed stat), you outrun Adamant Lando-T and Timid Heatran, and with 216 Speed (286 Speed stat because of a jump point) you outrun max speed Hoopa-U and...
  16. Seth Vilo

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    I noticed a very interesting EV spread for Mega Charizard X on the December usage stats at ~30% usage, and was curious if anyone happened to know the specific reasons for it. The spread is 104 HP / 88 ATK / 36+ Def / 36 SpD / 244 Spe, Impish. This yields 323 HP / 318 Atk / 293 Def / 266 SpA /...
  17. Seth Vilo

    OU Kommo-o

    Not QC so take this with a grain of salt. On the SpD set, what are the best options to consider over Stealth Rock? Being well paired with things like Clef, Chansey, MAggron, and Jirachi, your team might have rocks elsewhere that fits better or makes it easier to get them up (ie, Clef for...
  18. Seth Vilo

    Programming Porydex - Showdown usage stats viewer, with trend charts

    I absolutely love this tool and have started using it a lot in my team building and meta trend research. Its one of my favorite bookmarks now. Keep doing what you're doing!!
  19. Seth Vilo

    SM OU Steelix Anti-Breaker Stall (Peaked 1881 #84 on the ladder)

    I'm glad to see another person using Reuniclus on a semi-stall team, really. It has become my favorite "sweeper", or at least game-close as you put it. One thing that might be fun to try is Rocky Helmet on Reuniclus, since it gives it a way to damage at least some Darks while they attempt to...