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  1. Unowninator

    Explore the Unown. I'll take your Scatterbug eggs & legends (Now offering 2 Pokemon for 1 egg)

    ****I AM NOW OFFERING 2 POKEMON FOR EGGS OF ANY OF THE LAST VIVILLON PATTERTN I NEED**** I didn't update my old trade thread, because it's very outdated & I wanted to start over, anew. Anyway, I have some rules: -Please post your Friend Safari; it'll really help me find someone to delete...
  2. Unowninator

    Wi-Fi tournament question: if I still have battles left by Monday, can I use them?

    Or do I have to use them all on Sunday?
  3. Unowninator

    How about letting the search function to look for 3 letter words.

    I usually, use it to find a Pokemon's analysis (in gen 6 or other gens), but unfortunately when I tried Mew, I got this message. "The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common." I feel this should definitely be changed if possible.
  4. Unowninator

    ITT: Post what your avatar is/from, along with gifs in your signature.

    I've been very interested in a lot of these, and I figured rather than asking each individual, I'd ask here & see. As for me, well, I think it's obvious.
  5. Unowninator

    What happened to the unreleased sections? Because I feel that they were a good thing to have.

    Okay, so most of the Hidden Abilities have been released, but there are a couple of things I feel do warrant an unreleased section, such as: Entei: Flash Fire Fletchling & Talonflame: Flying Gem +Acrobatics (Along with anything other good Pokemon can use Acrobatics effectively) Amaura: Snow...
  6. Unowninator

    How about adding EV spreads for level 50 as well?

    Sometimes the EV spreads just don't work at level 50. For example, Gliscor's analysis says 244 HP EVs so it'll have a number to stall out with Poison Heal & Substitute. Its HP is 352 at lv 100, but at lv 50, it's 181, which I'm pretty sure wouldn't work. Another issue is that at level 50, 8...
  7. Unowninator

    How do I delete messages in Conversations?

    I can edit them, but I can't find a delete button.
  8. Unowninator

    How about a "Search 1st post" only checkbox for the search bar?

    For example, if you're looking for a trade shop with say, a Ditto, you could search Ditto, check the box if it's not in any titles, and search this forum only.
  9. Unowninator

    I'm looking for some EV trained Pokemon I can clone. I have a ton to offer.

    Hi. This is my first trading topic. I'm looking to clone some EV trained Pokemon. Then I'll return the clones. I'll trade you something in return. Some notes: 1.When we do the 1st trade, I'll send you the Pokemon you want. Once I clone the Pokemon, I'll return it ASAP, and all you'd need to...
  10. Unowninator

    Ever since the forums came back, they look different, and I don't like it.

    Is there a way to change them back to the way they once were?
  11. Unowninator

    How about stating the Pokemon's tier in the metagame list? I like to be able to see analysis for Pokémon in lower tiers than its analysis. I don't know why, but sometimes I just want to use a low tier Pokémon in a higher tier, but the list doesn't state the tier, so I have to either know it by heart, or click on...
  12. Unowninator

    How about tier & metagame for "Little Ubers"?

    You know, a seperate Lttle Cup tier where every unevolved Pokemon are allowed including Scyther, Sneasel, Vulpix, etc. are allowed in, and possibly Berry Juice. (Although things like Dragon Rage, Sonicboom, Moody & OHKO moves should stay banned for obvious reasons). This would be separate...
  13. Unowninator

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but Drilbur's analysis doesn't have movesets.
  14. Unowninator

    Do you guys think Eviolite Jigglypuff could work for the VGC?

    I've been thinking about using one for supporting my allies with Friend Guard. I looked through its movepool and I found that it can learn Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Helping Hand, Thunder Wave, and Pain Split. It could even hide behind Protect to keep itself alive if necessary while its...
  15. Unowninator

    How about letting us post in "Uploaded Analysis" threads?

    The post message button is there, but when you click on it, it says I don't have permission to do so. But if I could, I could point out errors in it. For example Fire Blast in Sun vs. 252/252+ Lickilicky 102.12% - 120.52% However, Lickilicky has...
  16. Unowninator

    Why does smogon allow the use of the Pomeg Glitch?

    How is it any different from illegal egg combinations? Or even the Transform + Rage glitch?
  17. Unowninator

    Why can't I do multiple searches in under 15 seconds?

    And sometimes it tells me to wait xx seconds even if it's my 1st search after a while. I think this limit should be removed, as I can't really see the point of it.
  18. Unowninator

    How about a rating system for abilities & items? (And perhaps Pokemon)

    This would show how good/useful they are. It could be x out of 5 (or 10). For example, things like Leftovers, Drizzle would be 5 out of 5, while Slow Start would be an obvious 0. I think it could really help some people in knowing what the best items/abilities are, especially if they're new to...
  19. Unowninator

    Would it be a good idea to use a Telepathy Palkia/Giratina to trick people into...

    ...thinking it's Zoroark? I mean, since Pressure activates when it's sent out, they'll probably think "Hmm, Pressure didn't activate. It's got to be Zoroark." So I'd send out my Giratina against, let's say a Mewtwo w/ low HP. They'll think it's Zoroark & use Aura Sphere, which does nothing, and...
  20. Unowninator

    I noticed that the Ring Target isn't in the items page.

    You know, the item that nullifies type immunities. I know that most would consider it a crappy item, but I still feel that it should have a page.