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     You're Not My Type

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    Tournament PSPL VIII Group Stages: Week 2

    we didn't get 0-8ed this year thats all i care about go trivia
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    Unpopular opinions

    the trainer sprite animations look 100x better than the pokemon ones in gen5. you see the trainer sprites like maybe 3 times a battle and only 1 is animated, and on the other hand... you see pokemon throughout the battle. hmm.
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    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    you've already made this post - in the pic: PMD sprites 2 and 3 are fine but 1 and 4... his spine is higher than his head. - the anime shows pokemon emote and interact w/ their surroundings in a way the games dont - stadium is stadium, it's old but it's also guilty. and if you look back to...
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    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    They're Groovin'
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    Unpopular opinions

    late disclaimer that i didn't play swsh and idk the gimmicks so most of this comes from a primarily gen4 and 7 POV >_> kinda agree that they probably wont bring back the poketch in the dppt remakes but.. what'll they replace it with? will they just make it a menu option? leave it out entirely...
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    Unpopular opinions

    QOL stuff i want to return in future games - perma-run button (HGSS) - poketch or something similar (PT, specifically bc DP had that stupid ass one-way button... but games moved Back to one screen, so) - multiple items mapped to the Y key (BW, B2W2) - selectable difficulties (BW, B2W2) but no...
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    cool and good

    cool and good
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    uhh i have some time at 9am tomorrow. whats that in your tz?

    uhh i have some time at 9am tomorrow. whats that in your tz?
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    oh boy gmt-8 to gmt+8 this'll be fun. im free after my 3pm but i have breaks scattered through...

    oh boy gmt-8 to gmt+8 this'll be fun. im free after my 3pm but i have breaks scattered through the day, lmk when you're free
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    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    honestly all the gen8 starters have a bad case of "gamefreak asking random employees to draw their fursonas" but inteleon has it the worst of them all
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    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    i have a lot of pokemon in mind but i lied i cant actually remember any of them so heres 2. and for reference here's a picture of the line together drizzile is... kind of a trainwreck. i know middle evolutions are supposed to be like the weird transitional stage between "uwu cute" and...
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    holy shit! is that a JoJo's :b:izarre Adventure reference?

    holy shit! is that a JoJo's :b:izarre Adventure reference?
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    literally nothing good comes from arguing in the thread, its just... arguing over irrelevant points, people get angry fast, out of context screenshots, personal attacks etc etc etc etc. it serves no purpose except to call people out and the whole thing couldve been resolved as a discord gc/smog...
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    this thread is a trainwreck anyway im nominating twice's what is love as a certified Queer Song, it bops and slaps
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    "Worst Pokémon Ever (as of Generation 7)"

    ok fair. let me rephrase: imagine an anime girl except the legs are attached to the rock, and the head's attached to each leg. admittedly i do like how expressive this picture is but ingame it just isn't very.. dynamic. i think i'd like it better if the two faces had 2 different emotions...
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    "Worst Pokémon Ever (as of Generation 7)"

    i nominate binacle holy shit. i fucking hate binacle there is NOTHING that stands out about this pokemon. barbaracle honestly gets a pass bc i think its claw hand head thing + multiple limbs look kinda cool and it has the niche as an okayish shellsmasher. but binacle has absolutely nothing...
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    Cake's MS Paint Art

    god damn it. i just realized lapras gmax is megalovania and flintstones. god damn it. fuck. i owe you my life also i stole the carkol sprite from twitter, then instruct stole it from me, then you stole it from instruct
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    Hot Takes

    disclaimer: have sensory issues, slight bias. vegetables are only good when they're raw. steamed, boiled, baked, sun dried? all suck. theyre just mush at that point. raw vegetables have that C R U N C H and they actually taste like something. perfection. as for bird: duck is the underrated...
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    context...??? MASSIVE cryptid energy right there edit: im a moron. gz dice