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  1. ima


    whats poppin pork chop man is back with another heat skwad straight outta the pork chop mountains. This will b the third RMT i make and the first one I make for SM. I had a fun ass time ladderin with this team and i hope it gives yall the same effect. without further ado less get it...
  2. ima

    ORAS OU return from the pork chop mountains (peak 1900 +)

    Hello again humans and once again I am back with another RMT straight out of the pork chop mountains. This will be my second RMT and the reason why I am doing this is to get help for my team and spread the word of specially offensive Victini and Mamoswine. They are very underrated I think and...
  3. ima

    ORAS OU the magic pork chop men (Peak #4 - 1859 and goin up)

    Greetings fellow human. I am pork chop man and I am fighting the anti meat from humanity and save the whole entire world. But the real world is too strong for me so I have resorted to pokemon. It has been successful so far. This is my first RMT and this was made with Mega Magic Bounce, so huge...