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  1. Misty

    How many countries can you name? I got 126/195.
  2. Misty

    Situation in Iran

    Iran held a presidential election yesterday, and incumbent president (and perennial demagogue) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner. The strange part is that the election was blatantly stolen - Ahmadinejad won 63% of the vote, compared to his rival, Mirhossein Mousavi, who won 33%. Given...
  3. Misty

    Suggestion Box Rules

    With the summer coming, lots of people have quite a bit of free time, and that means it's the perfect time to start new projects. However, this time we want to turn to our userbase and ask them what kind of ideas they have - in this way, we hope to capitalize on the innovative spirit that you...
  4. Misty

    Are you smarter than a (American) politician? Apparently, the average score for an American on this test is 49%. Even scarier, the average for politicians is 44%. How well will Smogon do? Score: 88% (4 wrong) Age: 22 Country: US
  5. Misty

    Does "GDP growth" mean anything?

    Lately, Republicans have been claiming that, because the economy grew 3.3% in the second quarter of this year, the economy is actually much better than people think. While granting that "what people think" is affected by a doom-and-gloom media that is blowing things out of proportion, "what...
  6. Misty

    am i the only one who finds this a tad disturbing;_ylt=AqQ3RN5f5CvecreSiemkwkWs0NUE Consider, for example, a hypothetical regulation that costs $18 billion to enforce but will prevent 2,500 deaths. At $7.8 million per person (the old figure), the lifesaving benefits outweigh the...
  7. Misty

    California legalized gay marriage;_ylt=ArmffVp99AUmxuyTT9XMmsWs0NUE yep
  8. Misty


    So I took my last final today, and I had my "official" graduation on Saturday. I now have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I plan to go into my school's Master's program, but after that I'm not sure. My professor has offered to help me get into a Ph.D. program but I'm more concerned...
  9. Misty

    Opening ER

    Okay, we decided that having this forum be moderated was a really dumb idea, particularly since nobody really keeps up with it, and it doesn't have much activity. So now it is open to general, unregulated posting. Remember, the rules still apply, and we expect high-quality work.
  10. Misty

    Bobby Fischer is dead :(

    Considered one of the (if not the) greatest chess players of all time, Bobby Fischer died today. It's too bad he ended up going nutty, though I guess it produced some hilarity... "The Jew-controlled United States is evil. They talk about the axis of evil. What about the allies of evil? What...
  11. Misty

    2008 U.S. Presidential Election So, the first salvo has opened, and the winners are Obama and Huckabee (not won at the time of this posting but enough ahead to virtually guarantee the victory.) So, now what? Are you pleased with this result? Do you think these two...
  12. Misty

    A real Competitor update

    Consider this a late Christmas present. So, for the past few days (minus some time off for Christmas), chaos and I have started work on Competitor stuff again. Right now we're working on the server code - allowing people to connect to a central server for chatting and such. That has gone...
  13. Misty


    I just got my grades back and surpassed my expectations, so I'm going to brag >:O I got 4 A's (particular in Operating Systems, a class I was failing for a while), and a C in Databases, a class I was failing horribly. 3.60 semester GPA woo :O What did everyone else get?
  14. Misty

    the new Israeli-Palestinian peace process

    Taking all bets on how long it takes to fail this time. On a more serious note, does anyone expect anything useful out of this? The simple act of marginalizing Hamas has already made any results dubious. Hard-liners on both sides are going to try their hardest to sabotage any compromises...
  15. Misty

    Official Tier List Discussion

    This topic is designed to hold the discussion of the current tier list. Any reasonable suggestion for changes should be brought up here for debate, because the decisions in this topic will be reflected on the site. (for now this is DP only, that may...
  16. Misty

    2008 US Presidential Election

    Given the current pool of candidates, who would you be most likely to vote for in the Presidential Election? (US citizenship and ability to vote notwithstanding) I think I would be most likely to vote for Obama, I am really rooting for him. He seems to have a lot of the right ideas for both...
  17. Misty


    This tdc topic, courtesy of dragontamer, did open up a useful idea that I think warrants some discussion. The idea is simple: should we add an ELO-style rating system (examples include chess ratings) to Competitor? As noted in the chat, I think it presents a really good alternative to simple...
  18. Misty

    Allowing NFEs in UU

    I really want to open up this topic to discussion, I feel it is an important discussion that warrants some thought. The way I see it, there are currently about 250 or so unevolved Pokemon. With special exceptions (Porygon2, Scyther, Pikachu), none of them are even usable at the OU level. At the...
  19. Misty

    The Philosophy of Smogon

    Background - About two weeks ago, the staff got together and imagined an article detailing Smogon's philosophy on battling in general, as well as its attitudes and intentions. The second part of the article applies these points to various arguments leveled against Smogon in an informative way...
  20. Misty

    Semi-opening of the DP Analyses forum

    Now that most of the analyses are done (and I'm going to clean off the last few tomorrow, hopefully), I've decided to open up the forum for posting to all badgeholders. Hopefully we can open up some useful discussion among more people now that they have experience from WiFi and shoddybattle.