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  1. Prof.Otaku

    Monotype Gang Torture Dance (Monotype Poison)

    :drapion: :gengar: :toxapex: :vileplume: :weezing-galar: :salazzle: Introduction Hey everyone ! I come to share with you my result concerning my Mono Poison. This type has always been popular and solid, and it was in order to enlarge my builder that I tried to create a viable team around...
  2. Prof.Otaku

    SS UU Dracozolt Band

    Introduction : I decided to resume the underused, having built a bulky offense around Dracozolt, who wants to be able to play both on the offensive or defensive level. Especially because dracozolt forces 50/50 in the third. Team : Inteleon is the pokemon that brings the speed control that...
  3. Prof.Otaku

    Monotype Double Unburden (Mono Fight)

    Introduction : Hi, as a player who likes to discover and play SS lower tiers, I was intereseted in the Monotype Tier, especially with building a mono-Fighting team since I appreciate this typing a lot. Furthermore, I wanted to use Hitmonlee in a team, so I started to build around a double...
  4. Prof.Otaku

    SM OU Mew Bulky Offense

    Intro : I decided to build on the z move mew, a variant of the psychic spam, who wants to be able to take the shots while keeping an offensive pressure. Team : Alakazam-Mega @ Alakazite Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Psychic - Focus Blast - Recover -...