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  1. ∆Kira's® RNG (+ øthers) Trade Center™∆ Mk II

    Kira -Howdy! Welcome to my second trade thread! I made a new one because I did not think ahead to reserve spots, and as a result I couldn't organize in a way that suits me.- • Fifth Gen Only! • No hacks ever. i.e. Wondertombs and stuff (even though they are massive lols, I know) • Other...

    How long does it usually take to get pkmn switched to a new tier on shoddy? I have some great plans for the new guys and I'd like to test them out asap.:toast:
  3. U know what 2 do

    i have a: gallade 31 attack 31 speed Adamant, Life orb, Hypnosis, CC, Thunder Wave, and Psycocut(may be spelled wrong) 252 attack ev, 252 speed dusknoir(in production now) Paint Split set w/ Zappy punch, Burnny punch, wil-o-wisp, and pain split porygonz 31 sp. attack 30 speed choice...