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  1. Warthog

    Welcome Back Thread

    Didn't find a general welcome back thread, so thought I'd create one. Hello Smogon, it has been awhile since I have been active here. Been like 12 years since I have joined and time flies. Nostalgia has got the best of me and decided to play competitive Pokemon again and ladder on Showdown. I...
  2. Warthog

    BW OU - First RMT in Years

    this is a basic Sand Team, it has a nice balance of stall and offense. I've been trying many other teams but this strategy has been proving to winning games. I started off with an old pair, Blissey and Skarmory. Second combo is Celebi and Tyranitar. Then I just added pokemon "meshed" well with...
  3. Warthog

    Graceful Charity

    sorta a surprise team, it uses odd sets to take advantage of peoples preconception of what pokemon should be using. It has a few problems, as the reliance of Suicune to take care of most DDers, and Dugtrio taking care of most Heatran and Fighters. I obviously have a problem with Champ more than...
  4. Warthog

    Getting into the Platinum Groove

    This is my first team since Platinum came out on Shoddy, so I need to get back into the groove a little. Scizor (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP/128 Atk/128 SDef Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - U-turn - Superpower - Roost - Bullet Punch decent starter, I prefer the...
  5. Warthog

    Aggressive "Hail" Team

    I'm absolutely bored so I decided to make a hail team. I was inspired when I played Randbat and Abby showed up. Plus with some people going ape over Rain Dance on the Suspect Ladder I thought this might work too. Lady Zong (Bronzong) @ Lum Berry Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/154 Atk/104 Def...
  6. Warthog

    Been Spending Sometime in UU.. help fix it.

    Venusaur (M) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Overgrow EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Leaf Storm - Sleep Powder - Hidden Power [Fire] - Sludge Bomb Roserade of UU. Works well and is bulky. --- Clefable (M) @ Toxic Orb Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 HP/140 Def/118 SDef Calm...
  7. Warthog

    The Flaming Chicken - Need Suggestions

    I've been using this for about 2 weeks. Its been doing well but lately has been losing. This does better against bog standard teams that I usually see in the upper tier of people but loses against random stuff. One problem I've been having is dealing with Gengar and Heracross respectively...
  8. Warthog

    MDWL Cup Round 5/6 - Semis and Finals [Won by Aldaron]

    great job to everyone and thanks for making it run more smoothly the last couple rounds. Good luck to the remaining players! SEMI FINALS Mystica vs Great Sage Aldaron vs Master of the Six Kings FINALS Aldaron vs Mystica
  9. Warthog

    MDWL Cup Round 4 - Get Your Battles Done!

    still need logs of course, also I will be giving Blue Kirby and Fishin until the end of the 13th of June to get the battle done. I dunno how I will decide who wins or not but don't make me decide the outcome please. Not setting a deadline for this yet because with 4/5 battles to get done it...
  10. Warthog

    MDWL Cup Round 3 - Need Logs This Round!

    First order of business. I need your logs from now on so I could study how the metagame has changed with the pokemon allowed. I would like to get this done a week from tomorrow but I may give you guys until the end of that weekend after. We'll see. TBH Im not too happy with some people that...
  11. Warthog

    MDWL Cup Round 2 - Ends May 25th

    pairings are up.. I had to redo them since I missed some ppl because I was a in a hurry.. damn school and these exams. I missed the entire Garchomp Division, the winners of those advanced. I had a hard time picking between the winners in that group but I went with the score system I decided to...
  12. Warthog

    MDWL Cup Round 1 - Ends May 10th

    I'm giving you 2 week to get your battles done. If more time is needed (which there will inevitably will) I will probably get an extended week in. This way I can add in substitutes if need be. LATIOS, LATIAS, DEOXYS-E, WOBBOFFET, MANAPHY are allowed. Just to clarify, this tournament is to see...
  13. Warthog

    Manaphy, Deoxys-E, Wobbuffet, and Lati@s (MDWL) Sign Ups!

    This Tournament will start with divisions of 4 where the top 2 players from each division will make it to the next round. Which means the first round will be swiss for each division. After that it is single elimination. The reason I want to start out with the divisions so a "metagame" will form...
  14. Warthog

    Manaphy, Deoxys-E, & Wobbuffet (MDW) Cup

    THIS IS JUST AN INTEREST THREAD, NOT A SIGNUP THREAD. This tournament is to test a metagame with Wobbuffet, Deoxys-E and Manaphy. Most of you are accustomed to the idea of Wobbuffet and Deoxys-E on the Shoddy Ladder so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, what wasn't tested in that...
  15. Warthog

    Yugioh! TCG Thread

    Since there is MTG thread there might as well be a YGO one too. talk about anything YGO TCG related in here. Talk about what strats and decks you use (or use to play). Talk about if you attend locals, regs, or SJCS and if youre planning on attending any in the near future. I try to join...
  16. Warthog

    Getting Back Into D/P.

    I recently got back into Shoddy because Im getting some free time on my hands and would appreciate if people could give me an analysis of the metagame before I indulge myself back into it. At first I thought about lurking, and for about 2 days I have, but it doesnt seem to be working too well...
  17. Warthog

    Murkrow Cup Fourth Round / Finals [Won by Loki]

    k you guys know the drill. Ill give you guys the time needed to get your battles done but get them done asap. Gracis. goofball vs Loki husk vs [kd8]otome Loki vs [kd8]otome (dropped out)
  18. Warthog

    Murkrow Cup Third Round

    husk vs (TO)Taylor Pilocus vs [kd8]otome Loki vs massi4h goofball vs Justice* Im giving husk and Cerb until Wensday to get their battle done. If neither can meet during that time then Im flipping a coin. Also I dunno if Justice is around atm.. she said she dropped but Im keeping her in because...
  19. Warthog

    Setting Up Wi-Fi.

    Alright I need to get Wi-fi going, I need to know what router I should get and etc. Im planning on being able to use my DS anywhere in the house and my PS2. What whould I need etc for this to be possible? Im planning on being able to join the Smogon Wi-fi tourny for D/P so I need to get this...
  20. Warthog

    Murkrow Cup Second Round

    you can see the rules here Cookie Crumbz vs Justice Ae Sakura vs (TO)Taylor Lokivs Veteran In Love [kd8]otome vs -FL- Pilocus vs zerowing massi4h vs Judgement goofball vs Ground80 Cerberus vs husk peope in astriks are people that havent seen...