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  1. P Squared

    Programming p^2's thread statistics (feat: xPL signup sheets)

    Hello friends. Here's some fun stuff I can do for forum threads. Unfortunately, learning how to make these do-it-yourself applications is not a priority for me, but feel free to request stuff itt and I can probably do it relatively quickly for you. Scraping is done with Python (the Scrapy...
  2. Rabia

    Intro to Facebook Spotlights (READ THE WHOLE THREAD)

    Introduction Okay, we're going to try something new! The tl;dr is that Pokemon Spotlights in their previous incarnations are too long for social media and written too early in advance to still be as metagame-relevant by the time they are posted. It's important to me that our social media...
  3. P Squared

     Art for Social Media

    Smogon's Facebook page needs your help! Our 300,000+ fans love the stunning, beautiful artwork created by you, community artists. Your contributions are invaluable, and we heavily encourage anyone interested to get more involved through this thread. In artists, we are looking for...
  4. P Squared

    Guide to the GP Process [new writers please read!]

    Guide to the GP Process Directory Overview Info for Analysis Writers Info for Prospective GPers Common Grammar Errors and How to Fix Them What is GP? GP, or Grammar-Prose, is the process in which analyses and articles published on Smogon are proofread. Smogon holds itself to a high standard...