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  1. tazz

    ORAS LC Corphish Balance

    I've been playing lc for a while with some tournament success (top 8 in most normal forum tours, reached the finals some lc tours recently, will hopefully be playing in the lc invitational if I remember to come back in january). I haven't been as successful as i could be due to my inconsistency...
  2. tazz

    Project LC Bazaar

    Approved by Rowan OP stolen from Montsegur Idea stolen from galbia A recurring problem I've had lately is that I want to have the LC community's help on a team i'm having trouble getting right, but that team just isn't RMT worthy. The purpose of this thread is to post teams that you...
  3. tazz

    Serious Death Penalty

    In the last session of the supreme court, besides the massive ruling for gay marriage, there was another large, important case that ended very interestingly. The case was whether or not the new drugs being used in lethal injection execution constituted "cruel and unusual punishment." Since most...
  4. tazz

    Metagame LC OM Megathread!

    approved by Rowan This thread will provide a home for all LC OMs, having tiering information for the 3 biggest ones, LC STABmons, LC AAA, and LC Monotype. Each tier will function independently, having their own councils, TLs, and suspect tests. These OMs will function like any other metas...